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   As you might know tonight is Saturday night. We could be going out to the club tonight. We could be doing alot of things. Instead we are looking to do some work tonight while we have freetime available. So please give us a call at (802) 787-9494 and we will give you a good deal on any project that we give you a quote on today. Don't waste no time call now before the time slots are filled up. 

  For your convience we are now accepting paypal for payment for our services. We can take your deposit payments through paypal or we can take stand alone credit card payments. We would also like to hook your website up to accept paypal payments and credit card payments. Checks are a thing of the past and result in more fees than credit cards

   We also are offering advertising services. Are you not getting enough people we know how to get people to find you. We've been known to make miracles happen. So give us a call today. We can give you a better value of advertising than Newspapers, TV, and Radio combined. Come load up a $1500 advertising budget with us and watch and see.
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   In the world of the web today I have run into many people who are still using website builders to design cheap websites. Cheap websites that don't do them any good. These websites are ment to make money for the people who are hosting you. They are very limited in what they can do. When it comes to websites you need a programmer. A programmer has been doing this for a number of years. They know what is going to work for you and what isn't.

   A programmer is your lawyer to the internet. People hire companies like mine to write custom code that you just can't get out of a free template. I program my sites to collect traffic for you automatically. I protect my clients not only from security threats but from the threats of rogue developers. Nobody is going to slander you online if you got Vermont Internet Design on your side. We will send them home with their tail tucked between their legs for you. We can send out online press release through an associate press data feed no matter what it says. People have a hard time believing that we can get them into the national news. Which is fine however, if you got $1500 I will get your press release out to so many people that your head will spin. 

   In the world of the web there are many people out there who believe that they are experts in web development. However, when it comes to the web you will find that nobody who has a free online site is making any money off it. If you have a tech person recommending using one of these system. Either they don't know what they are doing, or they know you cannot pay for a real website.  They may look the same but the difference is quite simple. The design of the website can be beautiful however, when it comes to getting people to your website. The design means very little. You can have the worst looking website in the world, however, it doesn't matter if 100,000 people a day are going to it. Otherwise, you can get a cheap knock off website tonight or wix site, where the only people who are going to it are the ones you refer from facebook or paid advertising. These sites aren't programmed to get traffic for you. In fact they are programmed to do the exact opposite because the hosting company will have to foot the bill. 

   Come let me show you what a real website can do. I can get you STARTED out for a really good price than we can grow the website over a few years. If you can't afford a new one all at once. 
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