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Shared Enemy Covid-19.

 Hello been a while since writing an email to everyone. With the Covid-19 pandemic we all find ourselves fighting a shared invisible enemy. I never thought that I would see the day when thousands of people would be showing up in breadlines here in Vermont. At least not real ones, as the shared enemy of Covid-19 effects us all. Though working from home has been a business model that we have used since 2006 when Vermont Internet Design LLC started building websites. 
   The struggle is real isn't it as people would always come up to me telling me how lucky that I was that I could work from home. Well having 15 years of experience working from home I can tell you a few of the set backs. First and foremost you'll quickly start wishing that you could go out to work everyday like a "Normal Person". Whatever, that means I suppose what is the definition of normal here in Vermont might be something completely different than Venezula. With all due respect the reliance on technology is dire. You know 15 years ago building websites were like designing video games, or printing tee shirts maybe. 
    Than somehow that turns into well 1,000 aren't going to be getting paid until you get this code working. Which I suppose is pressure that even if you aren't aware that it exists. There is still some quantifiable external force that is acting upon you. It's all just magic right. 
     If someone walked you through a field and said "By Tomorrow there will be a mansion built right here". You would be thinking something to the tune of ya whatever man. However, if you returned the very next day and saw that there was a mansion in fact sitting there. You might feel kind of freaked out because there is no way that anyone could have built a mansion in that location, since yesterday. Than run off into the other direction to tell everyone in sight how a mansion appeared at this location over night. It had to of been a miracle right. Well a more critical person might actually go up to the mansion to make sure its real. How do you know that it isn't made of cardboard or plywood skin, before they went out and informed the world of a great miracle. 
      Wait a minute here you might ask. What if you walk up to the building and you find that the building is real and built to the specification that there is no feasible way that anyone could have built in a 24 hour period would it be a miracle then. Well it might be a miracle to someone. Than maybe 1000 men working 8 hour shift in the middle of the night could have somehow built the whole thing in the time it takes you to take a nap. Than it becomes borderline miracle depending on the limitations of your own mind. 
       Therefore, it is possible for other to create miracles for other people. It is possible to create harm and destruction as well. Technology can make people see things that aren't even there. Why? Well because they are looking at a representation of reality. Not actual reality. Propaganda is more easily inserted into digital media, than it is to insert a bill board downtown in actual reality. However, I think sometimes in the course of business you come across a lot of businesses that don't know what business is. Are business models something that creates itself, or is it sometime of template box that was designed for all businesses to fit into. 
           I guess that's why some technology flops and some technology sticks around for ever. Sometimes, its not about creating games and toys to keep people entertained. It's about creating the actual process that move people through lines, restart people's hearts, and keep people breathing. Maybe they will create technology that will allow everyone alive right now to live forever. You never really know what the future may bring but I guess if we have any obligations its to the universe that has allowed us to survive amongst astronomical odds to even be here on earth and attempt to create a solution. 

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