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Hi There, 
I am a web programmer John Anderson (Vermont Internet Design LLC) who has worked in Vermont for the last 10 years. I mainly work with companies who are in other states. However, right now I would like to do some work locally. As I cannot run an entire business by myself. I am a programmer and a darn good one. If you want to pay me $1,000 for a $50,000 website. Than chances are we are not going to be very good friends after the project is over, if the project ever gets finished. If you want to pay me $50,000 for a $50,000 website chances are that I will make you a $1,000,000 a year business. Than come next winter we will be sitting at company our vacation house drinking drinks with little umbrellas coming out of them. 
I like writing code and I can solve the most complex of programming problems. I know php like I know the back of my hand. Actually, I think I have looked at php code longer than the back of my hand lol. Same thing with Linux servers.
Anyways, long story short is that I am looking for other web development places that are looking to subcontract off jobs to my company. I do not want to work as an employee for any company besides my own. Nor should you want me to because we will make more money together if we are both businesses. The world is a big place and we all know that getting to the top these days takes more than just putting up a website. The world is a big place and to think we are all going to get on top of it alone is crazy. We are stronger united. 
I know I have probably either worked at or interviewed with several Vermont Web Development companies in the past. So I know what type of code most of the other development firms are putting out and the ebbs and flows of the market. Granted I usually work at a significant discount and I am the guy who only gets called by other companies when there are jobs that other programmers in the company cannot figure out. Than its a last resort. At this point in my web development career I am thinking that its time to talk sense into the people who have money in this economy. 
Look at the state for instance and how many millions of dollars they are spending to build Vermont Health Connect. I told them shit if you give me a million dollars, I will write the best health connect system that the whole country has ever seen. I mean I have worked on computer systems that support 5 million users. And see no reason why it would cost what it does to make a website like that. For the price that people are spending on technology they should just give me $1,000,000 and see what we make. 
Anyways, I am looking to write some code. I want a good challenging project. That I can do. I would prefer lump sum payments for writing the code and not spanned out into payments. Rest assured if you came and dumped a $10,000 project in here right now. That money would not only get you some really good code wrote it would also help me to propel another great business opportunity that could produce millions of dollars. I am sick of just writing code. Lets get me a computer system that I can use to help us all. I set up a fund raising page on the home page of my website. There is a link to my site above. By the mailing list signup page there is link to our fundraising campaign. 
Anyways, what I am looking for right now are jobs to do and/or donations to support my data center project. I cannot go into the exact specifics of my plan because there is some confidential information in regards to the business plan that cannot get out. 
I have a multimillion dollar idea. The idea is to build a data center here where I live. My plan is to build out a computer system so that I can host my clients websites here at my location. As clients needs become more complex, godaddy, and host gator Servers just don't do the job you need. I want an email server here that can support sending millions of emails. I want a system where if my clients websites start taking on a large amount of traffic they are allowed to grow and expand. 
After ten years of programming I have a lot of customers who I can move onto the computer systems initially, to pay for the monthly costs of running the computers. Once I have the first of the computers set up and running. I will be able to send large volumes of users to my clients websites and we will be able to have the ability to bring high volumes of traffic to any website. So with this ability I realize that the current location might not be the best place for a data center. As I have had people tell me that I have a good idea and would probably get more support if I instead did this in Downtown Barre or Burlington. I am not against putting data centers in other locations. However, the primary computer storage and master computer system I want out of the way. Once I get enough going on we probably will be branching out and opening up offices at locations where there is more drive by traffic. The first one would probably be Barre because that is the town that Birthed my business. 
However, being the majority of our customers are online. We don't need that drive by traffic and we want a location that people have to drive too where we can meet with clients who don't like going to public places because it is a risk to their safety, and people don't really like to let others know who they are working with. Though once sales are up we will be looking to expand the data center to a population center. That's because the value is doing something different we want a quite place in nature for programmers to be able to come and program on a real system. Most of the time I find myself driving into New York City to some building in an office 30 floors up. I don't know about anyone else but the cathedral of nature allows me to write the best code. Once you get below those high level languages programming becomes moving single electrons down a wire. Object Oriented Programming is something that doesn't even really exist. Because that's all compiled down into machine code that is procedural anyways. 
So in a nutshell, we are looking to build a computer system. Than we will sell hosting and email services to clients who need to send lots of email. The 1,000 email a day limits set by places like godaddy don't do very much good for your business. 
Anyways, I would love to speak with people who are interested in having websites built and teaming up for this project. I am tired of the same old bullshit, building other people's ideas which I know aren't going to work, but I have to build them anyways because that is what I am paid to do. How many people have called me over the years asking me to build something for free and I will get paid when we make money is unbelievable. How about I have ten years of experience in doing this and I have heard every idea in the book. Point is that I have been doing this for 10 years and I know what people need and is going to make money. I don't have the money to do it. 
I don't want to give out an ownership stake in my company, but I would consider a partnership stake in the company. For instance, If you funded my $30,000 project. By giving me $30,000 in cash. You could be a silent partner with a 30% ownership stake in a new company that we formed. That is owned by my business and your business. 
Otherwise, if you gave me a $30,000 website to build right now. I would give you a 10% ownership stake in my company. Than you could give me $30,000 to build your idea. Than I could build out your idea for you. Than give you a 10% ownership stake in the company that I am going to build with the money. 
However, I am not sure how long the window is going to be in order to get this built but the sooner the better. I can keep a lot of people busy and get them well trained. So that programmers in and around here have another resource that can supply them with meaningful jobs. Than we can expand out our system so we are supplying in house systems with other companies. However, in order to lift everyone out of the sand what we need to do is push projects into existence. If I can get my project funded I garuntee that every web development firm in Vermont will see increases in sales across the board and I know they already have in the past. So picking me up also picks up you and you know it does. So lets get this project funded so we can start lifting the spirits and filling the wallets of local programmers who are under utilized and create an enviornment so that they can actually live well in Vermont and not have to go to the City to get work.
If you would like to support my Data Center Dream please do so here. Vermont Data Center If you read this far into my email you are probably highly interested in my project and should support it. You can do so my sending funds via gofundme at the link or sharing the link with others. You can choose to have your donation remain secret or if you would like you can send funds via paypal by clicking here. I am keeping track of all donations and cannot wait until I have enough support to get this project off the ground. 


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