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So yesterday I sent out an email in regards to my tax bill. After blasting this email out to everyone on my list and on social media we have figured out where the money has gone. Now I will clarify this situation the Town of Marshfield is not at fault in this situation. 
   I requested documentation from the credit union and asked them where this money had vanished too. The credit union told me that the town had been paid 2 payments this year one for $484 and another for $1659. Than provided me with documentation verifying that the town had been paid this amount. 
   However, after lighting a fire under people's butts we have discovered that

"On 10/26/16, the Credit Union paid $1,659.59 and debited your escrow account.  The amount paid, $1,659.59, was incorrect.  This amount is an overpayment of $479.83, the same amount paid in August.   The Credit Union submitted the entire amount of $1,659.59 to Lereta.  Lereta recognized this to be an overpayment and mailed the correct amount, $1,179.76, to the Town 10/31/16.   The Town has confirmed receiving this amount.   The Credit Union is in the process of refunding the overpayment ($479.83) to your escrow account as well as the Duplicate Bill Fee ($5), for a total of $484.83.  This deposit, if not made today, will be made no later than tomorrow."
   This was the response from the lawyer of North Country Federal Credit Union. 

However, I wonder why if lereta had noticed this overpayment and didn't pay it why was this money not refunded back to my escrow account. Why 3 months later is this money still not returned to my account and nobody was willing to help until after I blasted this out to 5,000 people, than its suddenly discovered. We apologize to the town clerk for this ordeal. However, the credit union and lereta swore up and down and even provided documentation that this money was given to the town.  Though there was no other route to try to find these funds. Now that 5,000 people are involved the funds have been discovered and will be returned to my account. 

  Though I will mention that the water issue still has not been resolved because they are a public water company and it has been very difficult finding someone who can help with this matter. If anyone can help with the water issue contact me. So far I have contacted Human Rights, filed a consumer complaint with the Attorney General, and am Waiting to hear from the Department of Enviornmental conservation. Though making these issues public sucks but it appears to be the only thing that works. If someone is doing you wrong we can always blast out emails until we can set the record straight. Which I have no problem setting the record straight. 

   Thanks for understanding

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