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It's time to innovate.

The internet is something that you aren't embracing to its fullest. Let's grab a piece of that market with innovative thinking. 

   Well it's time to start moving forward with technology. We have added services for working with the Internet of Things. We are excited about these new development technologies because they integrate nicely with the websites that we have been building for the last 11 years. 
 So we have added services programming embedded microprocessors such as Atmel, STC, and much more. There are so many different things that are possible when we can hack your electronics systems and integrate them straight into the website. The days of having to buy expensive custom systems to manage your business tools are over because now you can design your own. 
   Some examples of systems are RFID systems to keep track of inventory, barcode scanners, custom handheld devices for you employees to use specific to your needs. Custom built camera systems. Even biometerics can be added to your projects. 
   You can always go and buy pre-made packages off the shelf. But we know those are about as secured as open source technology and you need a higher level of confidence than that. After all wouldn't you rather see your logo on your product.
     Now you need a website, well of course you know that we can help you build a nice custom system on that front as well. An idea is an idea until you push it forward. You still need to invest some money into your online store front that you paid so much for it should be getting more sales. We can surely put you together a site with built in artificial intelligence to optimize your website when you are asleep. Sometimes, you just need to get a site or a product to do the job that you envisioned but hiring your nephew just didn't produce the sales you expected. 
       Well we have worked with many successful internet based companies from around the entire world and have seen first hand how websites go from garage operations to 50k sq ft facilities in the matter of a few short years. Sometimes, it's not about what you know but who you know. However, its usually a combination of both however, there are a lot of people with a lot of potential on my list here if they just had the ability to make a proper web solution. Just because you went to the biggest most expensive company doesn't promise success. The trick is to take a couple of smaller companies to the top with you that way they are working for you and not against you. 
      So today is the day for you to make that leap forward and count up your pennies and take a leap forward. We are here to work with anyone who believes in equality. My success is your success and your success is my success. I can be reached anytime at (802) 787-9494 I prefer calls over emails so please call but email me if you must.
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