Let's Make A Data Center
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Let's Make A Vermont Data Center

   Why do we need a competent web developer. Well that is quite simple. As you might know many big companies have IT departments. Most of these big company IT departments are staffed not really with experienced programmers but with unexperienced IT people. 
    Over the last 10 years of web development we have identified a few key things that are preventing your businesses from Growing into the big worldwide organizations you are seeing in your visions. What if I told you that behind the scenes are people who are working against you. Their goals aren't to expand your business but to get as much money out of you as they possibly can. I mean how many times a day do you get a call from a company who wishes to include you in a directory of other business for a small fee of thousands of dollars? Probably a lot of times. 
    Well in order to grow a large world wide business. The first thing you need is at least one programmer who knows what they are doing. This person should be responsible for making all of the programming decisions on your website. Though your programmer may not be an advertiser. They are an engineer and probably have great insight into what you need to expand your business. Often times someone is put in charge of an IT project who does not have the knowledge or experience needed to make a global online impact.
    Well as a programmer of 10 years, I would hate to be the bearer of bad news. However, someone has to say it. The computer that is holding your website is the reason why you aren't getting the visitors that you deserve. When your website sees spikes in traffic your hosting company is shutting you down because you max out the bandwidth. You know you got your website finally working the way you want. Than you advertise your site and something on your site goes viral, your website clonks out because it cannot support the traffic. Than it never ends up going viral because you never were able to realize all of the visitors. Typically the owners of the website don't know what is going on behind the scenes but become frustrated that they aren't getting the traffic they feel they deserve. So we are looking to create a data center in Vermont that will let our customers share in those gains. If a company on our web servers begins to take on a lot of traffic, our goal is to allow them to grow and realize their full potential rather than shutting the site off till they can pay for more traffic. We want to create a way so that our customers can realize those gains and make money to pay for their websites.  
    The first thing you need is infrastructure. Vermont Internet Design is starting a new campaign on GoFundMe to help to fund the costs to get a data center off the ground. Why might you ask have we decided that its time to raise the money needed to get this off of the ground? 
     Well that is a simple question. One day I had a dream of capturing a ball of electricity on my computer and leveraging that ball of electricity to bring prosperity to all of my friends and family. I began to realize that the bigger down stream providers that I was using were in fact slowing me down and offering me low prices. However, I quickly learned that those prices are low for a reason. They are low because those companies have no expectations of those sites ever growing to reach the world. 
So back to my dream again. See the sun flower in the picture below. I grew this sun flower in my front lawn in the shade 2 big sugar maple trees to prove that flowers can grow in the shade. Kind of like my data center. I want to put together a computer network that will allow me to host my customers websites in house. Why do I want to do this when there are better places to host websites within the Grid. Correct there are better places to host websites within the grid. However, I have a few ideas that I don't want to transmit to the whole entire world before I get a working version of them running myself. 
     If I have computers here in my office than I can build the websites that I want to build without having 100 programmers looking at my code at the big companies in which I use to host websites. I want to be able to have a private place for programmers to come and test out their works on a larger infrastructure. Currently in Vermont we do not have those types of facilities. I want to create one. The main purpose of this is to be able to provide functions for customers that cost a lot of money elsewhere. 
    I would really love to get this project off of the ground and anyone who helps I will etch your name into the book of life. As alot of people think that I am crazy for thinking as big as I do. However, in order for me to make my big dreams into a reality I need the infrastructure to produce it. I want to give my supporters the opportunity to create websites that can grow as big as facebook. 
    As I find a lot of people all over the world who come to be with big ideas that they have only enough money to get a basic prototype of the code up and running on a small hosting server. That does not have the capacity to handle very many users. We want to create an enviornment where we can actually test out or big ideas. 
     In order for me to take my ideas and make them a reality I need the computers to do it. There is much more to my project than producing a hosting company to host your websites, files, and emails. Rest assured that those processors in those computers already have a job to do before I even get them. So while we want to provide a hosting service that will help our clients to grow meaningful websites. We also want to have a network here that we can use to experiment with. 
When I produce a new piece of code that I think can change the world. I would like to realize my own gains, rather than sharing all of my ideas with some big company who has the infrastructure to test it out and copy my idea ahead of time. The reason why I know how this works and people target guys like me for new ideas, is because I have been sharing my ideas for years and have seen many of my ideas make it onto big websites such as facebook. For instance the same time I was building a news feed for one of my clients facebook created the same thing and that idea is now one of the biggest advancements in online technology. I would also stand to argue that I created the very first online press release platform as well. Though I never made a dime out of my code or ideas, every news agency in the entire country is using an idea that I created years before any news website knew anything about syndication. Whether it was a coiencidence that my ideas eventually became major enhancements to major corporations.
      At this time I have an idea that I believe to be revolutionary that I need to implement, but I do not have the computers needed to do it. I do not want to use someone elses infrastructure to create it either because than I may once again lose the idea and someone else will realize the profits. So I have put a lot of thought into how I am going to roll this out. 
     The initial plan was to take $20,000 that I was going to be paid from a contract to fund this project. However, the company in which was supposed to pay my invoice never did, and I had already made some real estate investments ahead of getting that money. When that money didn't show up it really put a financial dampening onto my business. As now I have real estate that I have to pay for that should be paying for itself. Which I purchased a 2.01 acre property with a garage on it that has been converted into living space. However, I saw potential in it because first off it was cheap I paid $90,000 and I can also live here. I can also build this place as I see fit to house my computers. Which at the current moment with everything combined costs around $1,000 per month to maintain the property. Which isn't bad at all. However, with the 20,000 loss I have a lot of unfinished projects that I need to complete and I again need to figure out how I am going to get the money to fund the data center. 
     So I am going to crowd fund this project. I have seen projects that have no where near the money making capacity as this one does get funded much faster. Plus I don't want to share all of my business plans with venture capitalists who seek only to use me to get my money making ideas out of me. So they can go make money elsewhere. 
     The reality is that I can probably fund this project by myself in a few years time. I can slowly start building out the building that I have here until it is worth more than the Mortgage on it. Than take out a $30,000 line of credit to get the ball rolling. That is one option that I have but I estimate it may take 3-5 years before that happens. However, if I can crowd fund a portion of this project than I can get started much earlier. As well as give others the opportunity to get on board and help me with this project. 
For 10 years now I have been selling myself short in order to get my name out there and get people online. Over the course of 10 years I have completed many complex projects. I have worked with many companies and have learned the ins and outs of what the big guys do in order to make people aware of their brands and retain their clients.
     My plan is to keep my business entirely in Vermont, but do so from a grassroots point of view. As I do live on a dirt road in rural Vermont and I want to set an example of how to create a data center. 
If I have a data center than I can utilize that data center in order to distribute news and to help people to advertise their businesses and get their name out there. Wouldn't you prefer if you could come and work out an advertising deal with me as opposed to buying traffic from facebook. I want to create this data center myself grass roots style and start training Vermonters how to run the data center. 
The first round of funding is going to be the hardest. However, once we are up and running well the project will fund itself. What I need is $30,000 that I am in control of. I know exactly what I need and I do not want to have to run every single purchase through a bank or board or whatever. I want to assemble my own team to manage the finances of the project. I know what I need and all I need is $30,000 to produce it. If someone out there can get me access to $30,000 that I can use to produce my data center without all kinds of questions I would be happy to give you an ownership stake in the company. 
Will this be a gamble? Yes it will be. I need $30,000 and I am not going to tell you any more about the project than I already have. However, I am a very intelligent person who has been working in this industry for over 10 years as a business owner. So I have put a lot of thought into what I really need and what I need to do in order to help the economy and to create jobs. That is my primary focus to create jobs. I already know what to do, I simply need the money to do it. 
      So if you can donate to this project please do it. You will not be forgotten. If you cannot donate, you can share the link with your friends because maybe they know someone who will help out. One of you knows someone who would love to help me with this project and it's up to you to make that connection. The power to change the world could be in your hands, as once we have a data center that I can experiment with than the sky is the limit. So lets make this dream of mine into a reality. Amen!

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