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Ditch that dumb meter


Let me explain this so you understand

  A while ago I realized something. That if you forward this email message to just one person. That one person may forward it to someone else. Than before you know it 100,000 have got the message. Before I knew it I had 50 people who felt the need to inform me of a typo. Do I care if there is a typo in my emails? That would be a big Type-O-Negitive. The purpose of my emails aren't really to sell you anything.
  I just like writing out into the wild blue than watching the information travel so I can study the funnels of information. Information, it travels a lot like electricity. You never really use the electricity. It just goes right back out the return wire and back to the power company to sell to your neighbors. So you never really pay for electricity because it does not disappear. Its just all a part of the loop. Just because there is a meter there that says how much electricity has gone through the load wire, ask them to calculate how much of that electricity was returned to them on the return wire and sold to someone else. 
  Net Metering my left testicle. This message is kind of like a solar farm. Some big company is going to tap into it somewhere. Not because anything in the message is important, but because they know that so many of you have read it, and that a high percentage of people will believe anything that they read. Therefore, regardless of whether the content of the letter is meaning full. It still means something! What though, what does it mean. Well if you want to go ahead and spend the next year trying to figure that out be my guest. 
   However, if I was you I would call the power company and remove the smart meter from your house. You don't want it there trust me. Call them up tell them to get rid of that smart meter. The smart meter kind of like a banks computer system that is designed to cash checks on your account before deposits to maximize fees, is designed to make money for a corporation that doesn't do you any good. 
   With that lets build a website. You know you need a real one. Those free templates aren't getting any traffic. Lets build someone that will at least do you some good. Well anyways time to write some more code. So stop the bus and turn up the radio. 

   John Nicholas LeCounte Anderson
    Vermont Internet Design LLC
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