Well the pandemic has subsided and we are taking a hard look at technology to see what we can make that we can all benefit from. As Roe VS. Wade has sunset on the horizon, showing how politics have continued to fuel hate, discontent ,and more and more protesting. 
      Let's take a look at technology and see how that benefits us right now. There has been a lot of hype in the crypto markets during the pandemic a lot of people made a lot of money. However, on the other side of every trade is someone who is losing money. We have studied a lot of material and participated in many crypto projects. We have a technology that basically allows anyone with a computer to set up a website and set up their own crypto token, often with only a nights work of work writing a smart contract on the Ethereum Network. 
        We watch the crash of Terra Luna, Celcius, and every other coin on the internet, lose between 60-90% percent of their value in recent months. As starting your own crypto investment bank is risky business anyways because of all of the regulations. As well as lack there of any regulations. But the bottom line is that most crypto projects are run by people who have no idea what they are doing, and trust that the block chain is safe, so that they can just write any code they want and provide their customers with any feature they want. Which as a coder who writes code and both high and low levels, it becomes easy to see that most of these crypto projects are the exact same thing or a slight variation of the next coin. 
        The issue is that people don't know how to approach crypto, they approach it as a solid technology that will keep their money safe until retirement. Well that's not the case, lets talk about Ethereum Smart contracts they seem to be a big seller these days. However, the technology has not matured and is not perfect and has already taken on more users than the network is capable of supporting. Therefore, if you had a million dollars to invest I wouldn't recommend that anyone invest that much money into crypto. The technology is just not stable enough to make those type of investments at least if your not a billionaire. When you invest in crypto invest in the technology of crypto and not the tokens that are often created by 20 years old's who simply don't have the necessary knowledge and experience to run a financial or tech company. 
        You can see experienced coders going into these projects and pointing out 100 different ways to sunday in which the token can be hacked. When I say hacked I don't necessarily mean someone is going to hack into your account and steal your money. I mean when programmers who have no idea what they are doing trying to make crypto projects out of code released under General Public License. Than try to modify it themselves or transact with it in new ways that will basically lock up the crypto so not even the developers can access it. I've seen this happen many times and if you try to report vulerabilities, you will likely get banned from the social media websites and groups, and be accused of spreading FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)... That nobody wants to fix because it has not yet caused a problem, but it will the minute someone like me who is unethical figures it out. 
        However, there are many valid use cases for crypto that don't take an investment approach, can be used for selling art, opening locks, and keeping track of transactions made on the system. Someone just has to put the money down and hire competent developers to start writing the code. That's the sales pitch don't invest in crypto coins, invest in the development of crypto technology. How can you utilize web3 to expand your business by branding, and different types of marketing. Now is the time to start loading up on blockchain patents. There are so many new crypto tokens coming out everyday where people want to make a quick buck. That its just stupid for most people to invest in them. As the goal of most of these coins is to do a pump and dump make a lot of money, and who cares about the investors they were dumb enough to invest in it after having been warned of the risk.
         I've gone through web3 crypto projects forward and backwards and see that there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a lot of money. Often at times in history we can tell that a big transfer of wealth is in the scouting process and the scouts are out pre boarding  developers to prepare them for whats to come. We would like to hear all of your ideas about web3 crypto projects and other new innovations in technology.

We are a web development company in Barre Vermont. 15 years of experience in web development in PHP, Mysql, javascript, ajax, html, css, xml, C/C++ , G Code, and Verilog. Since 2006.

We build websites and applications for a variety of industries, manufacturing, real estate, financial, ecommerce, utility, and more. Call us today for more information (802) 787-9494 we provide expert level technology support in a variety of industries.

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Keil, ISE, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Propeller, Quartas
GitHub, Inter planetary File System, VSCode, VSStudio
Windows IIS, Linux, Apache, Email Server. Ubuntu, Centos, Kali Linux
BobCadCam, FlatCAM, GCode, GRBL, Mach3
Visual Studio, VS CODE
Serial UART, I2C, PIP, RTC, SPI, Eagle Circuit Board Design.
Blockchain Development EVM Smart Contracts, C/C++ custom built command line interfaces.
Custom Packages for Node.js
Custom Smart Contract Development for Ethereum EVM Based Block Chains.

and More

Server Set up and configuration for windows, and linux based servers.

Websites, Email Lists, Forums, Online Banking, Android Apps, Iphone APps, Desktop Apps, Websites, and Custom Circuit Boards, Smart Contracts, and Crypto Token Dapps.

We write our code with the care and courtesy of all products that are made in Vermont. We have 15 years of writing code by hand and identifying solutions that fit the customers budget. We want to help you not to spend to much or too little and teach you why your technology decisions are good and bad ones so you can deal in technology with the confidence that even the programmer can understand. We look forward to hearing from you call (802) 787-9494

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