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Your brain is on the internet.

  Well it will not be long before the internet is considered ancient technology. The other day I was having an argument with a friend over to what degree does the past influence the present. For instance, if I was alive 5,000 years from now. What would the significance of the year 2016 hold to a person who is alive 5,000 years in the future. A couple thousand years difference a long time ago in the past could be interpreted as only a blip on a radar. 
   So you figure how long of a time span was there between the bible and the internet. Was about 3,000 years. To people alive today 3,000 years ago is a substantial amount of time to us in the relatively recent past. In 5,000 years the internet will also be considered ancient technology. So both the internet and books will be equally obsolete technology. 
   What we have to understand about technology is that even though technology seems like its something that is out of this world produced by space cadets who know code like the back of their hand. We have to understand that technology is also a man made thing and is subject to the universal laws of the universe. Technology is what is used to keep track of the world. A lot of data can be obtained from the internet. The internet connects the whole world together it connects your brain to the whole entire world. 
   Though the internet produces this effect in a very delayed fashion. If because it requires people to request information and wait for responses, sift through responses, and form an opinion. Anything that you could possibly need to know can be found somewhere on the internet. It connects us with big cities and small towns in the remotest corners of the world. 
     However, to spread your brand far and wide it needs to have a mutual benefit for all people. It kind of like creating a city. We want to create a virtual metro system. The job of the virtual metro system is to optimize web viewers so they are grouped together with other web viewers who have similar destinations and routes. We will group them all onto virtual trains, so that we can bring them all into virtual grand central station at a nice and steady speed one train load at a time.
    There are people out there who believe that we are living inside of a computer simulation that was created by a higher consciousness. In a lot of respects this could be true. However, why couldn't we create a virtual city. Than we could create artificial intelligence programming code that is designed to get smarter and smarter. You know suppose that I created a second version of myself that only existed on a computer. Than supposed I programmed this second version of myself to read millions of web pages each day to identify each and every mathematical equation and evaluated the differences between them and mine for opportunities to perform high value mathematical calculations. 
   The world has made many breakthroughs. From the discovery of the transistor, to cellular communications, to the printing press, to the internet. These were revolutionary technologies that changed the world and created industries spanning the whole world. However, in today's day and age resources are running low. Ideas have already been through of, and its going to take a stroke of genius to make another revolutionary product.
    What's going to be the next big thing? Is it going to be a rocket to mars? Is it going to be virtual reality? Artificial Intelligence? WHat is going to be the next big thing? That is the question that everyone asks. Though technology has produced many great things all of the great things that it has produces take advantage of natural forces. Though to create an economic boon everyone has to step up to the plate to embrace something new. It's easy enough to put together a group of people who are willing to volunteer their time into a small branch of a national organization. However, to volunteer time into a business endeavor is more difficult to accomplish because you aren't representing a brand that is nationally known which makes it difficult to get people on board.  You have to create a product that empowers people enough that every person who uses it makes money.
     Everyone these days wants to be a national brand. It just takes time working on figuring out what is going to be important to society. As the function of society plays a different role to each individual. How do we create something to streamline the already streamlined processes. How do we advance civilization.
     The internet provides us with a lot of knowledge that we didn't always have. The the knowledge about how companies are interconnected. That wasn't always obvious before. As some people show up in multiple databases and through the different customer and vendor databases. Than its easier to establish what links are crucial parts of the infrastructure. As well as how money travels through the economic cycle. As when there is not any money to be made then people find other things to do to occupy their time. So how do we go about creating something that is going to be revolutionary that is going to be useful to everyone? 
     Well over the course of 10 years of programming I have heard so many different ideas about what is going to be the next big thing. That I realized something I had heard so many different people's ideas that the smartest thing for me to do is to make something that represents all of the ideas. If I had to take all of the money making ideas that I have heard over the years and make one application that represents them all what would I actually be building. I think I would be creating an online city. Though I think sometimes tapping into markets means tapping into places where money has a different level of value. So giving more people the ability to make transactions on the internet is key. Entertainment based web traffic exists but it could be better realized if there was an easier way for people to spend money. As a lot of users don't spend money because they can't don't have a credit card, or pay pal etc. So these are limitations to think about
    However, with the right strategy we can easily create anything. Its just a matter of finding the team that has enough faith to keep you from being distracted. You have the power to produce a great energy. All you have to do is try to.  

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