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Up in the clouds:

In Vermont you say

   You are standing before the mountain wondering how you are ever going to get to the top. You mind if I steal a ride up because my legs are tired I've been walking all day and I am beginning to wonder if there is an end in sight. I didn't bring no food or drink and people keep passing by with backpacks full of goods and water. You are somewhere trying to get up that mountain you know how tired you are. 
    Than you see people climbing the mountain for fun. Passing by you, you might wish to ask someone for a drink but they say no because they don't have no idea what its like to walk in your shoes and they don't know you. After all what are they going to get out of helping you up that mountain. Only problem is that you didn't realize how long as the journey. Should you have taken that backpack a mile back that you start to contemplate. You begin asking people coming down the mountain for water. They laugh at you and ask you to turn around and circles, dance, stand on your head. 
    Who cares if you are thirsty. So these thoughts keep going through your head. So you begin to tell yourself that you are fasting. But you keep climbing. You keep asking people for water. They keep laughing at you asking you why you didn't bring any. So you keep climbing and as you climb you find people who brought all kinds of food and drink stopped in the trail who don't want to continue on. So you walk by and just keep going. Now you don't care anymore you are passing other people who have given up. They may have more food and drink, but they won't make it to the top of that mountain. That food and drink is holding them down. All that gear has weighted them down. They might not be hungry they are tired. 
      So you keep going and you begin to walk into the clouds where the great spirits have touched down onto the earth. You come to a landing where many people have called it close enough. You find a man that is to tired to carry his food and drink back off the hill. You realize that you are not tired. You are so hungry that you cannot fall asleep. The man asks you excuse me can I have a cigerette I will give you my soul for it. Than you give the man your last one just because that is the type of person you are. Even though when you asked him for help he earlier down the trail he said no. 
       The man starts rambling on about how someone had stolen his cigarettes. Saying I don't know why anyone would steal my cigs, if they would have asked I would have given them one. Than you say to the man you know I do feel sorry for you that you need a cig. That is why I gave you my last one. However, I don't feel sorry for you because someone has stolen from you. When I asked you for drink further down the trail you told me to do cartwheels and stand on my head. However, now I am the only person here to help you though I did. Did I ask you to do a dance for me?
         While we are standing here at the top of this mountain. I want to explain something to you about organizations. Most of them are the same no matter where you go. All the way across the country they have the same basic model. An organization isn't there for you to benefit your national contacts at the headquarters. When the locals come you don't use them to build the national organization. When you are there you use the national organization to benefit the local people. The national organization is not a person that will help you. Tomorrow there will someone else there who does not know you. The strength is in the numbers so you need every last person because without people there is no organization. People will always be there organizations turn into someone else. 
          So keep climbing my friend once you get to the top of the mountain the only thing left to do is fall off. Than go find another mountain to climb. 
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