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From Zero To A Million In Point Two Seconds.

            In today's day and age it does not take much to make things go viral on the internet. Now that we have social media campaigns, facebook ads, and of course the online press release. If you have enough money you can type out basically anything that you want and have it spread from one end of the globe to the other. 
            The reality is that people fear such technology as it only takes about two seconds to change how the world views something. As any possible way for someone to view something its going to get viewed in that way. If the person next to you goes from zero to one hundred. Than its usually natural for the person standing next to them or the person who they are speaking with, to also respond by going from zero to one hundred themselves. 
             I guess maybe we are all guilty of arguing with people online than before you know it. It becomes a group argument. Than the two people who originally started the debate can come to a mutual understanding of the facts. However, the 10,000 other people who weighed in on the original dispute. Can keep going on and on and on and on. Even though the original problem has already been solved. 
             With the technology everyone wants to be the first person to go from zero to a million. Sometimes the trick is to just sit back and watch a few people go from zero to a million. Just because the person in front of you starts going from zero to a million does not mean that you have to follow them and also go from zero to a million. In fact if you go to zero to a million chances are the person standing next to you is also going to go from zero to a million than next thing you know everyone has gone from zero to a million. However, if you don't go anywhere after the person next to you goes zero to a million. The person on the otherside of you now has to weight going from zero to a million or going from zero to zero. Instead of trying to weight what to do after watching the first two people going from zero to a million. 
              I guess what I am trying to say is that when it comes to the internet or water faucets for that matter. Knowing not only how to write code but how to suppress and divert the flow of energy is a training that you can only get in the real world. So if my competitors charge say $150,000 for something that I can do for $10,000 well than the next guy will come along and put a bid right in the middle at $60,000. Which would seem like a reasonable price. The reality is either way you go your going to get the same code since the guy who bid $150,000 would hire the person who bid $60,000 to do the job, than the guy who bid $60,000 would hire the person who bid $10,000 to do the job. So in reality when you pay for the $150,000 job you still get the same $10,000 code, your just paying for 2 additional layers of contractors. The reality is in these types of situations the smartest thing to do is accept the $10,000 bid than offer to pay them $20,000. Than you would end up with 2x better code than you would get for paying a big company $150,000 because at the end of the day its the guy who writes the code who is writing the code.   

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