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Urging people to investigate the town and village of Marshfield.

Well after having spoke with everyone who I need to speak with I am requesting that the town of Marshfield,VT books be gone through with a fine tooth comb. In my situation I paid 2 payments for my taxes I made one payment of $484.00 and another payment of $1659.00 to the town. If you can't believe that for whatever reason you can call North COuntry FCU because they have documented proof that not only my taxes have been paid but they were overpaid in the amount of $483.69 So when I called to enquire about where this payment might have been, I was informed that the town only recieved 1179.00 and that somehow my tax bill changed and that I owe the town $160. So I called Loreta the place that processes escrow payments, as well as the bank to verify what had actually been paid to the town. Of course they both gave me documents showing that $1659 + $484had been paid not $1179.00 + $484
So I am asking everyone who has paid their taxes to the town to look and make sure that you don't also have money missing through your escrow account. I can tell you right now that the town of Marshfield and the village will lie right straight through their teeth. I know that there has got to be at least one honest person who works for the town. I would like to talk with that person as I don't understand whats so hard about trying to help track down where the money has gone. If anyone has also experienced the same thing report it. I am young maybe so maybe my account has been singled out. However, for some reason I doubt that my account is the only account this has happened to. Than again you never know maybe this is some fluke. However, I know that my payment didn't get sent to the village because they just send me a bill trying to charge me for water servers that aren't even hooked up. Can you imagine that I have an 80ft trench in my lawn clearly no water has been here since they hacksawed my water line. Yet someone has the brain to try and send me a bill for water. Good luck on collecting that because I am not paying it. No services used than no bill is being paid. There is going to be so many different sets of eyeballs brought onto this issue that someone will have to make it right eventually. Don't get mad when you try to rip me off and it doesn't work out. You want to see what racial discrimination is than I have a great example here for everyone to look at, involving the purchase of this house. #marshfieldvermont #philscott #petershumlin #bobbibrimblecombe

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