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   Wow what a beautiful day I can feel that today is going to be one of those big money big idea days!
   Are you looking to get your product or business out onto the internet? Well you are reading the right email. We can provide you with a free initial consultation to see how we can help you. We have over 15 years of experience launching products, and businesses for many different people. 

   If you can provide us with an overview of your business, than we can provide you with the knowledge that you will need in order to finance your project. We aren't afraid to tell people the hard truth about how the markets work. At the same time providing the most logical work arounds to your situation. 

   Sometimes, the truth is that you are a minority business and nobody wants you to succeed. However, there are solutions available to help you to link up with other like minded people who would be happy to see your business succeed. Anyone, can get anything onto the TV and into the Newspapers. We can help you with that, the same old marketing company's not able to make anything go viral?

  Well if you got the money you can buy just about any advertising space that you can think of.  We are here to help you to link up with these people who can help you to advertise your product. However, we've been running this business long enough to know that this costs money, and the amount of advertising one can do without money can be very limited, and take a long time to see those 100,000 bright smiley faces in your inbox. 

   So we've already figured out for you how we are going to get you an audience, where they are going to come from, and how much it's going to cost. Now that thats out of the way. When they get to your website or your business, what do they do then? Well if you let us take a look at that we can go through everything with a fine tooth comb and make it very easy for people to do business with you. We program in several different programming technologies. 

    I can talk about all of the programming technologies that are available to us. However, in a sense I would just bore you with details. So lets just say if you can afford it we can build it, sky is the limit. We've been working online since the early 2000's and know various programming languages to an expert level. 
    So give us a call and lets talk about your technology projects and marketing budget. 

     May The Force Be With You,
                            John Anderson

We are a web development company in Barre Vermont. 15 years of experience in web development in PHP, Mysql, javascript, ajax, html, css, xml, C/C++ , G Code, and Verilog. Since 2006.

We build websites and applications for a variety of industries, manufacturing, real estate, financial, ecommerce, utility, and more. Call us today for more information (802) 787-9494 we provide expert level technology support in a variety of industries.

Languages We Support:

G Code

Toolkits We Support

Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, Oscommerce any php based packages
Jquery, Web3, Node.js, React.js, Next.js, Web3.js, Ethers.js and most javascript based toolkits
Keil, ISE, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Propeller, Quartas
GitHub, Inter planetary File System, VSCode, VSStudio
Windows IIS, Linux, Apache, Email Server. Ubuntu, Centos, Kali Linux
BobCadCam, FlatCAM, GCode, GRBL, Mach3
Visual Studio, VS CODE
Serial UART, I2C, PIP, RTC, SPI, Eagle Circuit Board Design.
Blockchain Development EVM Smart Contracts, C/C++ custom built command line interfaces.
Custom Packages for Node.js
Custom Smart Contract Development for Ethereum EVM Based Block Chains.

and More

Server Set up and configuration for windows, and linux based servers.

Websites, Email Lists, Forums, Online Banking, Android Apps, Iphone APps, Desktop Apps, Websites, and Custom Circuit Boards, Smart Contracts, and Crypto Token Dapps.

We write our code with the care and courtesy of all products that are made in Vermont. We have 15 years of writing code by hand and identifying solutions that fit the customers budget. We want to help you not to spend to much or too little and teach you why your technology decisions are good and bad ones so you can deal in technology with the confidence that even the programmer can understand. We look forward to hearing from you call (802) 787-9494


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