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   Greetings everyone! Today is the official 10 year anniversary for Vermont Internet Design LLC. When I opened this company in 2006 I honestly did not think it would last 1 year. However, I thought that I knew everything and in my own mind I probably did.
      After 10 years of working with over 500 clients. We have a wealth of knowledge and the industry has grown more and more competitive. We have had many trials and tribulations over the course of 10 years in business. However, we pushed on and kept turning out code. Kept learning. We have worked for many people and seen things we have never even dreamed of seeing.
      Sometimes, in business the going gets ruff and the ruff get going. However, we have had several occasions where we were hanging on by a thread as do most businesses I presume. However, we always stayed at a managable size. That way we could survive even the worst of storms. So that we are always here for you when you need us. 
       Sometimes the "US" or the "WE" is just me sitting behind my computer here in Vermont churning out code for 18 hrs per day. However, we write code so clean that we are often mistaken for a large company with 25 developers turning out code. 
       However, it has been a fun ride with many peaks and many valleys. We are just going to continue to ride the waves because now we are out in the middle of the ocean and the shore is nowhere in sight. However, if you float for long enough a big cruise ship will come by and pick you up, or at least give you a tow. As we have fended off many many many sharks. So many that we are no longer afraid of them.  We will keep pushing on and pushing out code. 
         We do have some time slots available and I am telling you that you can send us your most challenging of projects. We will do them for you no doubt. We've completed many projects that 10 prior developers have failed on. However, we will do any project that you need us to do. As long as it falls into our area of expertise. We know that the big firms charge often times 50%-90% of our prices, and we don't blame them because that is what its worth. 
          However, at Vermont Internet Design we have streamlined our operations to give you a low cost. Not because we outsource any work to Bangledesh or India. In fact none of our work is ever outsourced. 97% of the time 100% of our work is completed right within the borders of the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont. Sometimes we do travel out of state to meet with our clients. Once in a while we send a project out of state. However, these are very rare occasions. As our goal is to have Vermonters producing code in Vermont. As the tune of nature is what allows us to produce good clean code and solve complex problems. That someone who has lived and works in the concrete jungle would not be able to experience. Sometimes, nature is not orderly, some of our customers ideas are not either. However, if it works for the person on the last house at the end of a dirt road. It will no doubt work for the person in the top office of the big skyscraper in the city. 
             With that said if you have any projects please send an email to and I would be honored to help you achieve your internet goals.  

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