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Protect Your Website Before It's too late.

We manage several websites and we have noticed high levels of traffic coming from Russia on some webservers. We figure that most of our clients don't do business with Russia period so we have implemented a program to block all traffic from Russia to our customers websites. 
   We are offering to install onto your webserver functionality to block all Russian IP addresses from accessing your website. Doing so could prevent costly expenses later on down the road. If you would like to spend $100 right now. We will make a backup of your website in its current state. Perform a general malware search of your domain. Than block all traffic from any connection that originates in Russia or is routed through any Russian server that we can detect. 
   You can check your google analytics and see how much traffic that you are getting from Russia. I check a few clients websites and saw results that looked like this. If your google analytics looks like this than you should give us a call. Some of you I will be reaching out in a private email because I have seen traffic on your domain that is cause for concern. So I am asking all of your to log into your google analytics account and check the geolocation of your traffic. If you don't have this please get a hold of me and I will manually check the access logs on your webserver to see if you have a problem. 
   We are more advanced than the Russians but don't let them put your business into jeapordy we are smarter than the Russians. They can't beat us unless we stand there with our thumbs up our butts and let them. 

    If you are interested in this service please send $125 via paypal to or click on the link  than send over FTP access to your domain name and we will have your website protected from Russia within 24-48 hrs upon receipt of your payment and access to your hosting account. 
   If you would like to purchase a 1 year security contract on your website that will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest there is a varying fee based on your website and a $35-$100 per incident deductible. For more information on security contracts please call. 

   If you have questions feel free to call me at (802) 787-9494

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