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Plandemic Life

Remember way back—a lifetime ago—when “plan” wasn’t a 4-letter word? Remember when we added events to our calendar without a dozen “if/maybe/pending” asterisks?

I miss those days. In our family, I’m the keeper of the calendar—the one who makes sure all the trains are running on time. Now that there are so few trains running at all, and routes are canceled with zero notice…well of course it’s adding to the general weirdness of 2020 Life.

A few things that have helped me fill that void...

Cleaning up the backyard. Over the course of several weeks and with a little help from the fam, I power-washed our large deck, trimmed our unwieldy bamboo, hung twinkly lights from our oaks, and dug up long-dead plants to replace with fresh ones. In this last case, I picked yellow esperanzas because they are lovely and low maintenance, but did you know…esperanza means hope. I couldn’t get more symbolic if I had tried! Yes it’s a thousand degrees here in Austin, but one day it will cool off and guess who will be sitting on her deck under the lights with a drink instead of sweating over a giant bag of mulch?

Buying new running shoes. Again. One constant during this pandemic is that I’ve kept moving. At this point in my decades-long running habit, I don’t need a daily calendar reminder to get me going, but at the end of the day I'm still thrilled to see completed rings on my phone's health app. Total mileage has not been nearly as important as the steady drumbeat of forward motion. When there’s no end in sight, I find great comfort running in circles.

Registering to vote. Yep, I’m already registered, but I recently got to watch my daughter complete the process, and I don’t know who was more excited! It’s a great moment to turn 18 because nothing says hope like a fresh election and a brand new voter.

Capturing joy. I’m looking forward to the beautiful fall light and have started scheduling fall photo sessions. I’m excited to have projects on the calendar and would love to work with you! I’m offering all kinds of shoots: mini and full-size family sessions, curbside/porch sessions, mural sessions, senior portraits, plus editorial and branding work. I will be masked up, but I promise I’ll be smiling! Learn more here or email me to schedule. 

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