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Connecting. Again and Again.

How is everyone? Are you hanging in there? Drinking enough water? Getting enough fresh air? It’s all super weird, right? I hope you’re finding ways to stay sane and stay connected with people you love and ideas that fill you up.

Last week I was thrilled to be a (small) part of a story featured in the New York Times. My kids had a much bigger role! Reporter Katie Rosman spoke to several groups of siblings around the country about how the pandemic and quarantine has impacted their relationships. Of course the subject already resonates with me and my work on the Sibling Revelry Project, but it was also such an honor to capture this strange slice of my kids’ siblinghood. In print even! If you haven’t seen it yet, let me make it easy for you…One More Relationship Tested by the Pandemic: Siblings.

Speaking of capturing this time, photographer Neil Kramer has been shooting documentary photos from his home in Queens NYC, but get this…he is quarantined in a small apartment with his mother and his ex-wife! (You gasped, didn’t you?) The images and stories he is sharing are truly remarkable glimpses into his life, always injected with humor and vulnerability. I think you’ll really enjoy them.

One last story of connection I’ll share*… my 15-year-old son and several friends recently took their zoom calls to the next level and became pen pals. Like with real paper, envelopes, stamps, and the whole deal. These digital natives are now sending long, handwritten or typed (and in some cases typewriter-typed!) letters back and forth from just a few miles away, like some sort of Jane Austen novel sit-com story. At first I thought it was hilarious and charming, but now I think it’s brilliant. Remember how well genuine letters work? What a great way to really get to know someone—through thoughtful and witty conversation over a long period of time. No memes necessary.
A few other things filling me up this week:

• The Avett Brothers covering this John Prine song.
“Blow up your TV…throw away your paper…”

• Parades are nice, but THIS is the best gift for quarantine birthdays.
Custom poems from Typewriter Rodeo.

• I wasn’t kidding about the letters.
The other Corona.

• I’m telling you now. xoxo
Wilco: Tell Your Friends

*Duh, of course I asked him for permission to share that. #veteranmom
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