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Making Wishes

I’ve been thinking about wishes lately. And then because the universe has a charming way of showing us what’s been lurking in our subconscious, I ran across old photos of a Wishes Notebook that my daughter made when she was around 5 years old. (The universe, it turns out, is a lot like that little spy that lives in our phone that we all try to ignore until we are shocked, SHOCKED, to see an ad for fuzzy polka dot unicorn slippers—the identical slippers that a friend was describing to you during your last happy hour.)

But anyway…wishes! I’ve been thinking about the power of making wishes and the effort required to launch them. The wishing is the easy part. Of course it’s the everyday grind of capturing them that can crush you. When we tackle something new it’s so easy to find ourselves mildly afraid or deeply discouraged or knee deep in tedium—all of which can weigh us down. But the wishing was so light! Why am I so heavy now?

Everyone has a different source for the motivation to dig deep and power on through. Last week a friend of mine stumbled upon one of my own sources. It’s the story I shared several years about my daughter and I as 9-year-olds, and the power of being that perfect age. I had not listened to it in a long while, and the timing of my friend’s discovery was spooky because on that day I really did need a boost from my 9-year-old self. Hello, Universe! Again with the spying?!

Next up in the synchronicity department (although maybe not considering my musical tastes and streaming algorithms)…I loved this story about Brandi Carlile interviewing her childhood idol Elton John. And I can’t stop looking at the photo she posted about it on Instagram. “Allow me to introduce 12 year old Brandi…” What a hug.

All of this was a great reminder to me that no matter our age, we are all walking around as older versions of our 9- or 12- or 18-year-old selves. And somewhere in our personal experience, there’s some strength and inspiration we can draw from one of those younger selves. I'm convinced that if we take the time to check in with those old friends, the universe will be spying…and ready to teach us something worthwhile.
Other things that came across my mind or screen recently…

• Speaking of 9-year-olds.
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One of my favorite podcasts featured an always cool cat.
Song Exploder: Brittany Howard

That 9-year-old daughter I mentioned?
She’s now 17. And life is weird.
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