Here are this month's tips for working with your content more effectively using a content management strategy.
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Four Ways to Make the Most
of Your CCMS

Regardless of where you are in your implementation, expanding the use of your component content management system (CCMS) within your organization is a positive move. The more the system is used to share and reuse content across the company, the more likely the organization will continue to fund it for the long haul. To entrench your CCMS further in your organization and make it an integral part of your company’s infrastructure, you need to market the services your CCMS can provide within your company. You’ve likely put a lot of effort into making your implementation successful; so, expanding the use of your CCMS within your company is really self-preservation.
There are numerous hidden opportunities for reusing content or sharing your CCMS across the enterprise. Let’s see if any of these suggestions spark ideas for your organization.
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Top Ten Features of a CMS You Can't Live Without

Watch this presentation to learn about the top ten features of a CMS, presented by Vasont Systems and Adobe.  

CMS Starter Kit

The tools you need to take the first steps to selecting and implementing a component content management system.

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