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Thursday 17th October 2019

PSNC is working to provide as much information and as many resources as possible to help community pharmacy teams to understand the details of the new Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) agreement as they are finalised in the ongoing negotiations.

This email is one of a series of recommended actions for community pharmacy contractors to help you to get ready for the introduction of all elements of the five-year CPCF. There is a lot to do and details will be coming out in stages, so this email series will help guide you through the process and highlight all of the resources and support available to you.

21. PQS: Complete the Dementia-friendly environment checklist and action plan

Community pharmacy contractors may now like to consider completing the Dementia-friendly environment checklist and action plan to meet the quality criterion, if they have not already done so.
To meet the quality criterion, contractors are required to have completed, on the day of the declaration, a specified dementia-friendly environment checklist and have created an action plan which includes making some demonstrable recorded changes to the environment in line with the checklist, as appropriate.
The checklist and action plan is available as Annex 11 in the NHS England and NHS Improvement Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) guidance. PSNC has made available a standalone version of the document (available as a Word document or PDF):
View the standalone versions of the checklist and action plan (Word and PDF versions)
Further information on this quality criterion can be found at: psnc.org.uk/pqsdfchecklist 
Q. Does the dementia-friendly environment checklist and action plan need to be submitted to NHS England and NHS Improvement?
A. No. The checklist and action plan do not need to be submitted routinely to NHS England and NHS Improvement, but contractors should ensure that a copy is kept in the pharmacy.
Q. Can I complete the dementia-friendly environment checklist on PharmOutcomes?
A. Yes, contractors have the option of completing the dementia-friendly environment checklist on PharmOutcomes. Contractors are not required to complete the checklist on PharmOutcomes to meet the quality criterion. However, some contractors have expressed that they would prefer to complete this electronically; therefore, PSNC has worked with the PharmOutcomes team to make this available. The checklist is available to all contractors free of charge as PSNC has agreed to use their PharmOutcomes licence to provide access to this support.
Read more about how to access the dementia-friendly environment checklist on PharmOutcomes


Digital CPCF Roadshow on-demand
A recording of PSNC's recent digital roadshow on the five-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) is now available to view. The roadshow explores what the future holds for pharmacy and should help contractors and their teams to start to prepare themselves for that. Watch it now: psnc.org.uk/digitalroadshow

Previous editions of this email series can be found in our CPCF hub: psnc.org.uk/5yearCPCF

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