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Dear William Gênard,

For a very short moment we could smell the spring, and we are impatient to smell more!
Then we can go out, hang out with friends and visit shows outdoors.
We’re happy to present you again four very special circus performances which might fit well into your festival.

Compañia de circo eia – Espera

Espera has several meanings in Spanish: to wait, to hope and to expect.
One word which covers three different angles to look at time passing by.
‘Espera’ is a performance which will be created amidst and with the audience.
Hope and fears will be shared and the time will be paused. ‘Espera’ is a lovely show which stays in your heart and mind for a long time.

Find the video of Espera here
Duration: 30 minutes / 1-2 x per day
Le Cirque du Platzak – Kermiz
Kermiz is an open air circus performance by Le Cirque du Platzak.
A guy with a fascination for lawnmowers and heads of lettuce, a temperamental Italian aerialist fighting with a Spanish toreador, a trumpeter on a slack rope, and a German acrobat with a fascination for staplers. These are just a few of the eccentric characters from the twelve-men collective Le Cirque du Platzak.

They are lovely, a bit crazy, and they will find their way into your heart. Small children want to take selfies with all the artists, parents are buying the CD to play at home, and granny and grandpa keep on eating popcorn.
The perfect afternoon or night out for the whole family!
Upon request Le Cirque du Platzak can also provide workshops to enlarge the circus experience.
Get some ‘Kermiz’ atmosphere here

Kermiz toured the past years across Europe and we’re happy to continue our international tour in 2017!
Duration : 70 minutes
HH Producties - Concordance
Rode Boom / Kurt Demey – Unknown Evidences
In Unknown Evidences Kurt Demey, Joris Vanvinckenroye and Frederika del Nero are questioning the ‘coincidence’. How can it be possible that two persons, far away from each other, are living the same moment?
‘Unknown Evidences’ is a performance where you should be continuously vigilant and keep your eyes wide open. The traditional ‘codes’ of theatre are thrown aside and the audience is in charge of the direction of the performance.
‘Unknown Evidences’ is magical and spectacular with live music on stage.

Feel the atmosphere of ‘Unknown Evidences’
Duration 70 minutes / 1-2 x per day
Circus Katoen – Ex Aequo
Ex Aequo is a wonderful performance by two young circus artists who surprise and move you with their impressive acrobatics.
In ‘Ex Aequo’ two characters are going to live together. They both have important stuff, all of which deserves its own place in their house.
In a playful and physical way they explore the area where they are going to live together, and won’t rest until everything has found its place. They challenge each other, push each other to their limits, and cooperate until they’ve found the balance.
Check out the trailer of Circus Katoen

Circus Katoen can also provide workshops.
Duration: 35 minutes – 2 x per day
If you have any questions, or wish to receive more information about the performances, just let us know.
Best wishes,

Huub Heye
Tanja Ruiter
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