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Dr Lam Tai Chi for Health Newsletter 
- Issue Number 181, September 2016

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In this issue:
The 2017 January One Week Workshop is already half full!  The Early Bird expires on 1st September BUT I am extending the deadline by 48 hours - by midnight on the 3rd..Hope you can come.

Those who have read my book will remember my story about going back to Chiu Chow, China as an adult, and longing to taste the delicious duck meat which was a very rare treat when I was a child. When I tracked it down I was astonished that it was not as tasty as I remembered.

Last week in Hong Kong I met my relatives in a Chiu Chow restaurant for a wonderful meal. The restaurant has a visionary chef who takes traditional recipes but applies his modern training and culinary techniques to create wonderful dishes which far surpass my childhood duck meat!

His secret is moving with the times, taking into consideration modern demands and the new advances in food preparation, cuisines around the world, plus his personal flair.

I am no chef, although I am very proud of my own speciality, the Chiu Chow oyster omelette.  However it struck me that like the chef, I have modernized traditional tai chi with my medical training and knowledge of modern educational methods, my experience travelling around the world, plus positive psychology. That is why the Tai Chi for Health programs are so popular – we move with the times whilst still incorporating the essential principles.

I have prepared a 9 minutes video to share with you my experiences travelling over a million miles. Hope you enjoy coming along with me – you may see yourself on screen!

And now, my latest project!  For a long time I have been planning to make a series of short videos which I am sure will answer many of your questions. It is the "Ask Dr Lam" series with two videos to start with:
  1. What is Tai Chi?
  2. How To Learn Tai Chi:
If you already subscribe to my youtube channel you will receive a notification every time I list a new video.  It takes a lot of time and hard work to produce these videos – about a week of preparation for 10 minutes on screen!  Enjoy watching them and pass the link around to your friends, also let me have your feedback.
This Month’s Special
Receive a 20% discount when you purchase the Sun 73 Forms DVD. Please use coupon code SEPTSUN7320 when ordering. Offer expires 30 September. Not to be used with any other discount.
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Yours in Tai Chi,

Paul Lam, MD
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Product Review Prize Winners

Congratulations to this month’s prize winners, Michelle Barnet (Australia) and Jacquik Percious (USA). Please email us within one week to receive your prize. Here is what they said:

Michelle Barnet (Australia) re Tai Chi for Arthritis Wall Chart.
"This chart is fantastic for learning and leading alike. I love it, it is very well illustrated and easy to follow. I highly recommend it."

Jacquick Percious (USA) re the 24 Forms DVD
"Dr. Lam brings out the beauty of Tai Chi. This DVD is well put together and I am looking forward to learning the moves to hopefully be able to do them on the beach early in the morning..."
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Bologna Workshop with Roberto Crea
Veronica Ashcroft, Master Trainer, UK 
Bologna’s magic entranced us all at the end of May, over the three days of workshops given by Roberto Crea.  Accompanied by many of his local students and others from further afield, Roberto guided us into the deeper reaches of the Sun 73.  Speaking in English, for the benefit of we Brits, and through his movements, but also communicating directly with our hearts and minds non-verbally, we learnt to express the form with greater understanding and ease of flow.
Throughout, Roberto reminded us of Paul Lam’s image of the river, which flows continuously, explaining how the end of one movement is the beginning of the next, no breaks, no voids. On the second day, he used the metaphor of music to help us enhance our understanding of the continuity of flow.  Even when there are pauses, the intention carries on with anticipation of the next phrase, so from beginning to end is one continuous integrated movement.
He also used the drawing of a Christmas tree to help us visualize the concept of embellishing the basic structure of the 73 sequence.  We started with the plain shape, and gradually over the two days adding colour, rhythm and meaningful connection to the form.  Each bauble and ribbon, drawn on the tree by Nuala, represented a new dynamic expression or intent that we were now able to incorporate in our performance of the form.  Our tree was fully decorated by the end of the two days!
Having travelled literally and metaphorically from different places, bringing different levels of experience and understanding – and our own personalities – we came together, as the group energy built over the two days, till we were breathing and moving as one body.
A third day, focusing on the Chen 36 with the UK participants, brought different challenges.  A very new way of moving for most, unfamiliar postures and transitions.  But miraculously, through clear demonstration and inspired imagery, Roberto expounded the altogether different dynamic that is Chen.  We discovered that our bodies actually delighted in the spirals, generating turning waves, ebbs and flows, changes of direction and expressions of power and energy.  The subtlety of the interweaving of Yin and Yang expressed in Sun, became grander, more obvious and exhilarating in Chen.  In one day, we all travelled the journey from the first weight shift of the opening movement, to the final spiral of the closing form.  And what vistas, twisting whirlpools and breathtaking pauses on the way!
All this in the warm embrace of the Italian/Bolognese hospitality.  We were nourished with many hugs, along with home baked cakes and biscuits, made with love by Roberto’s students.  And all tastes catered for by the mouth-watering lunches provided by Paula. whose kitchen joyously provided us with meals at the centre for two days, then at her restaurant on the third.
Many of us also had time to explore the depth of the historic, cultural and culinary delights of Bologna.  The “Red” city, gourmet capital of Italy, UNESCO “Creative City of Music”,  and home of the oldest university in Europe.  Porticos, churches and towers, in earth shades of terracotta, ochre and umber.  At each turn, a colonnade of arches, at every glance down a cobbled street, overhanging balconies and crenellations, and passing an open church door a cool gust and glimpse of gilding from the interior.  Then stopping for pasta, Parmesan, gelati and so much more.  Feasts for the senses!
Groups and individuals also sampled the following:
  • The 498 steps up the Asinelli Tower
  • A course at the CIBO Culinary Institute
  • The Opera – La Nozze de Figaro
  • The Sanctuary of San Luca and the 4 kilometers of 666 porticos connecting it with the city
  • San Stephano – a complex of seven churches, a center of worship since pagan times
  • Exhibitions of Hopper and Street Art – Banksy and Co
  • Shopping – shoes, bags, and more  
Roberto, you did us proud.  Molte grazie!  Gratzie mille!
Also many, many thanks to our dynamo in the UK, Nuala Perrin, and her team, Anne Crichton, Janice Green, and Jolie Hilton, who co-ordinated the British side and helped make everything such a success.
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Teaching Tai Chi and Chopstick Lessons!
Anne Crichton and Janice Green, STs, Manchester

Our quiet world of tai chi is far removed from the political rhetoric which sometimes creates divisions within families and communities.  Perhaps these days we have more need than ever for tai chi. 
This happy photo shows a lady from the Wai Yin Chinese Centre in Manchester with 83 year old Bea from our tai chi group in Salford. It is a lovely example of how people from different cultures and languages can come together through tai chi. As well as tai chi we had lessons in chopsticks.
After seven years our Salford tai chi group from the Agnes Hopkins Centre have learned most of the Tai Chi for Health forms and are keen to learn more about the origins and culture of tai chi.
Through the years Janice and Anne have developed strong links with the Wai Yin tai chi group, practising 24 form with them and joining in their Chinese New Year performances. The two lady 'sifus'  helped Anne prepare for the Depth of 24 forms with Robin Malby in St Louis in 2014. They were patient working with her and keen to hear about  Dr Lam and his work.
Last October an exchange visit was arranged between the Salford and the Wai Yin groups.  Everyone had a wonderful time practising tai chi together. The Chinese ladies were keen to try TCA, but when our group followed them in the 24 forms, we realised that enthusiasm carried risks!  Thankfully there were no injuries. With safety in mind we decided it would be wise to teach our group the basics of 24 form if these exchange visits were to continue. We thought that our group  would be better able to participate if we helped them modify the movements safely.
Thanks to Robin's good teaching we were able to work though the movements with our class and practised for many months till we felt they could safely join in. Having practised TCD and TCO  many of the moves are familiar to them.
During the next visit to the Wai Yin Centre everyone was able to follow our hosts through the 24 form moves - without risking injury.  The group were proud of themselves and confidently showed TCA to their Chinese friends. It was a great day and warm friendships were formed.
Every year the tai chi group from the Wai Yin Chinese Centre are our guests at World Tai Chi Day in Salford.   WTCD 2016 was again a great success with more than 300 enthusiastic participants, some new workshops and demonstrations.  And this year our group were proud to be able to join their Chinese friends in the 24 forms.
In October the groups will meet up again. As well as tai chi the next cultural exchange might be how to make fish and chips.
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Dr Paul Lam
Watch the video
I must be the first instructor in history to have travelled over 1 million miles teaching tai chi - around the world 40 times! As well as that the first to train over 6,000 instructors. I would like to share with you some high points of my tai chi journey.

The most wonderful thing about travelling around the world is meeting with the nicest people.  I have no doubt that anyone who works hard to empower others to improve their health and wellness are indeed the nicest people.

It is hard to believe I have found so many wonderful friends sharing the same vision of empowering others to improve their health and wellness. I would never have dreamed of singing in front of everybody!  The tai chi workshops are much more than tai chi, and I can’t imagine I would be dancing through the night!

Another great thing is to be in the diverse parts of the world, the natural, the spiritual and the beautiful places. The world is full of natural beauty, every flower, tree and living thing has its unique and wonderful beauty.

The greatest reward for me was when people tell me how much they have improved their health and wellness! It happened everywhere around the world, including first time visit to Sri Lanka, Belgium, Chile, and all countries I visited regularly. No matter how many times this happens, each and every time I get a huge buzz. This is one of the main reasons my team and I keep producing better and more useful videos! Tai chi had transformed my life, I love changing others'. 

I am doing more other types of videos, such as  "How to Learn Tai Chi?"; "How to Improve Your Tai Chi?"; "What is Qi?"; "How to Boost Your Qi?" "What Makes Tai Chi Magical?" I would love your feedback.

I would love to answer for your questions with YouTube clips. Send me your tai chi questions, I will try my best to answer them. It takes a long time to produce a video, so be patient. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel or Newsletter, or like my FaceBook, then you will receive notification as soon as they are posted.
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Humour, Laughter and Radiant Health
Doctor Bob McBrien, Salisbury, Maryland, USA
It is back to school time in Maryland, USA. Once again students and teachers return to classrooms, homework  and of course tests. We can get our daily dose of positive humor and have a good laugh reading school children's ideas about science listed below. Most were from 5th and 6th graders' exams.  A Boston newspaper reported them a few years back.
 * One horsepower is the amount of energy it takes to drag a horse 500 feet in one second.
*You can listen to thunder after lightening and tell how close you came to getting hit. If you don't hear it you got hit, so never mind.
*Talc is found on rocks and on babies.
*The law of gravity says: "no fair jumping up without coming back down."
*When they broke open molecules, they found they were only stuffed with atoms. But when they broke open atoms, they found them stuffed with explosions.
*When people run around and around in circles we say they are crazy. When planets do it we say they are orbiting.
*We say the cause of perfume disappearing is evaporation. Evaporation gets blamed for the things people forget to put the top on.
*To most people solutions mean finding the answers. But to chemists solutions are things that are still all mixed up.
*In looking at a drop of water under a microscope, we find there are twice as many H's as O's.
We can appreciate the wisdom in Mark Twain's humour. His comment on children is quite instructive. He observed that the most interesting information comes from children, "for they tell all they know and then stop." 
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Dr Paul Lam practicing 56 Chen Forms at Eastern Garden, Imperial Palace, Tokyo 2016
Temple in Tokyo
Still in Japan
Hong Kong Harbour
Dinner in Hong Kong at the Chiu Chow Garden restaurant with my relatives and friends
Still in Hong Kong
Venice August 2016
It was hard to find a space at the Ponte di Rialto, Venice August 2016, and I did find a little space for my pose
Still in Venice
Vienna August 2016
Still Vienna
July workshop in Sydney
Still in Sydney 
Talent Show Host Carolyn
Maureen Caldwell
Ian Blaine in Taupo, NZ workshop
At Japan
Garden in Japan
First group in Roberto's workshop
All participants in Roberto's workshop
Tai chi at Cincinnati
Sandi and friends at the USA One Week
bea and tai
Venice the art of glass making
Road side restaurant in Venice
Instructors of the annual tai chi workshop in June 2016
Sydney workshop
Flower market
Garden path in Japan
Linda Arksey from Nottingham, UK at the Cincinnati workshop
Nuala Perrin from UK at the MC, Cincinnati
We love the social night
Drs Bob Mc Brien and Paul Lam
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