An exciting year with the second International Wushu Federation's Taijiquan Competition coming up
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Tai Chi Association of Australia Newsletter Februray 2016

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Apologies to everyone for the overly long delay with the publication of this newsletter but we have been waiting for the finalisation of the competition arrangements, which are very exciting and outlined by Paul in his message.    
In this edition we have:

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Rosemary Palmer

Message from the President

What an exciting year 2016 will be!

Recently Rob Fennel posted a photo on FaceBook of the Third World Wushu Championship held in Baltimore, USA in August 1995. We were both in the Australian team. It was an amazingly exciting time.

Rob told me this story: “I always think of the story of Mike Willesee's interview of Kerry Packer when he asked if there was, despite his great wealth, anything he would like to have done. Packer replied "to be a representative of Australia". Willesee said "In what field" and Packer replied (although he was expected to say Polo) "anything - tiddley-winks". We felt good to outdo Packer!

You too may make it to the Australian team. Tai Chi is, since 2014, an official International Wushu Federation's competition. The inaugural World Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Championship was held November 1 - 4, 2014 in Chengdu, China. I am proud to tell you that Elizabeth Lim won a gold medal for Australia!

The 2nd World Taijiquan Championships will be held Oct. 14 – 20, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. We are excited that the TCAA annual tai chi competition to be held on June 4th, 2016 Sydney, will be the official selection event for the world title. This means that the winners of the June competition will represent Australia at the Second World Taijiquan competition.  Ken Goh is the KWA's national tai chi general manager representing TCAA. please contact him if you have any enquiries.

Another great news! Our website has been updated, or rather rebuilt! It was a big job! Thanks to Ric Bolzan and Ken Goh. Check it out!

I would like to thank the TCAA committee especially Secretary Rosemary Palmer, Brenda Hum, Ken Goh and Lina He for your invaluable contribution to the Association.          

Dr. Paul Lam
President, TCAA
Director, Tai Chi for Health Institute



held on Friday ,14th August 2015
Prince Alfred Hotel, Street Adelaide 5000
Meeting commenced at: 6.30pm
Dr Paul Lam, George H Lee, Rosalie Lackie, Dan Stefan, Jinwei Bu, Mardiyah Salah, George Hum, Meg Hutton, Bill Bailey, Jennifer Bould, Gary Smith, Brenda Hum.

Julie Owen, Robin Bierwirth, Rosemary Palmer, Ken Goh, Robert Hall, Heidi Cook, Lesley Williams, Deborah Warland, Allan Kelson, Heather Smith, Lorraine Saunders, Jenny Binney, Valerie Owens, Vandra Hittmann, Ian MacFarlane, Virginia Snelleksz.

Quorum being met the meeting was declared open.

Last AGM Minutes: 
Rosalie Lackie proposed the minutes of the last meeting 21st June 2014 be accepted.
Seconded: Jennifer Bould and carried
Outgoing President’s Report:  Outgoing president, Dr Paul lam gave his report.
Brenda Hum proposed the minutes be accepted. Meg Hutton seconded.  Carried.
Treasurer’s Report
In the absent of the Treasurer the annual balance for the period 1 June 2014 to 30 June 2015 was distributed to members.
Dr Pail Lam moved the report be accepted. Seconded by  Bill Bailey Carried
Election of Office Bearers/Management committee
The Chair declared all positions vacant and asked for nominations to be presented and votes taken.
Results are:
Position                       Nominee                      Proposer                     Seconder
President                     Dr Paul Lam                Rosemary Palmer       Brenda Hum
Vice President             Jennifer Bould             Brenda Hum                George Hum
Secretary                     Rosemary Palmer       Mardiyah Salah           Robin Bierwirth
Treasurer                    Lina He                        Brenda Hum                George Hum
State Rep- Qld/NT
State Rep-Vic/Tas
State Rep- SA             Brenda Hum                George Hum               Rosemary Palmer
State Rep-WA             Robert Hall                  Robert Russell-Brown Elaine Pointon
Ordinary Member        George H Lee             Bill Bailey                    Brenda Hum
Ordinary Member        Ken Goh                      Jodene Morgans         Brenda Hum
General discussion.
Bill Bailey asked that we relook at the membership fee.
Dan Stefan asked that we look at the 4 year membership payment
Meeting ended 7.00pm


2016 Sydney Tai Chi for Health Institute Workshop

George and I were fortunate to once again attend Dr Paul Lam’s January weeklong workshop in Sydney. Each year it is a wonderful time for reunions with Tai Chi friends, the making of new friends from many countries and extending our Tai Chi skills.

This year we joined the Depth of the Sun 73 form class learning and experiencing a much greater depth into the principles underlying Tai Chi.

It is exciting to see the work being done in the field of Tai Chi for Health, not only here in Australia but by others internationally, like Singapore’s Jennifer Chung and Saudi Arabia’s Dr Amatullah Bahaziq.
The theme of this year’s workshop was “Embracing Diversity” Each day began with talks related to this theme and a demonstration of one of the Tai Chi forms.

TCAA member Rosalie Lackie shared with us how the 24 forms relates to massaging the head. This saw lots of folk laughing and getting shoulder massages at morning tea.

On the Wednesday morning of the workshop Paul gave us background information about how the Tai Chi Association of Australia came to be formed and how it links to Kung Fu Wushu Australia (KWA). Paul then introduced the guest speaker for the morning Mr Walt Missingham, KWA President.
Walt talked about the friendship between TCAA and KWA and of shared future roles open to TCAA through KWA.  It is envisaged that TCAA will have greater involvement with KWA and in the selection of Tai Chi competitors for both national and international competitions.

Each year I look forward to attending the January Tai Chi for Health Institute workshop.
It may be only a one week workshop but the personal connections and friendships made with others do not end there. Attending the workshops not only gives me a greater understanding of my own Tai Chi experience but also that of old and new friends who come from many diverse backgrounds and beliefs. I believe that through our Tai Chi we make positive connections around the globe while our media keep telling us that this is a time of uncertainty and negativity.

Congratulations to TCAA member Norman Trubik for winning a free place in the 2017 Tai Chi for health workshop.  

By Brenda Hum TCAA SA Representative and Master Trainer Tai Chi for Health



 The dragons are coming to Adelaide from 23 March to 7 April 2016
Dragonboat racing is a great part of Chinese sporting history just like Tai Chi and Chi Kung.
There are three competitions firstly The Australian Championships, then the 12th Asian Dragon Boat Championships and then the 10th Club Crew World Championships.
The Opening Ceremony is about waking and giving life to the dragon by dotting the eyes of the dragon’s head with red paint. It is conducted to cleanse and bless the dragon boats, competitors, and competition area. These fearsome dragonboats are powered by up to 20 paddlers, a Sweep at the back and a Drummer at the front beating the drum, as crews battle fierce, fast and furiously down the race lanes.
This is a spectacular show not to be missed
We are sending out the call for volunteers to come help. Come and mix with local, national and international people from all walks of life
For more information please check 'Upcoming Events' at the end of your newsletter.
Thank you.                                                                                           
Jennifer Bould
DragonboatSA Treasurer
CCWC organising committee member
TCAA Vice President


Letters to the Editor

Tai Chi sword users be wary!

We as tai chi people can rightly expect that we can carry/use swords in public without causing too much attention from authorities.

However I would like to relate an incident that happened to me recently.  I was walking into a public park, sword carried in the correct manner, to practise the form. All of a sudden a police paddy wagon rolls up and the police confront me, asking what I am doing with the sword.

I endeavoured to explain to them, saying I meant no harm etc, but they wouldn’t have a bar of that. They asked me to put the sword on the ground and did an id check. To make matters worse, another police car turned up --  back up, what for don’t know!

I continued to explain about tai chi swords etc, and that there is nothing more relaxing than seeing tai chi in the park.

They obviously didn’t know me as they would  have realised there was no cause for alarm. That’s despite the fact that myself and student can be seen in other parks on a weekly basis (admittedly not practising swords very often in the park).

I usually practice my sword forms at home but this day it suited me to take the sword and go to a park.
 A similar incident happened to my group some years ago, when the police rolled up to see myself instructing students in the sword, but they soon made a hasty retreat when they recognised that one of my students was the then local magistrate!

Perhaps it is timely to be mindful that incidents like this can happen anywhere and I encourage the TCAA to provide all Tai Chi sword users with written authority  that they can carry with them, when in public etc. (not to be confused with photo id, or special authority for sword use in Victoria).

Brian Gregson, Tamworth

Upcoming Events

March 2016

April 2016 
  • 9th- 10th April: Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Leaders Workshop:  Presenters:  Rani Hughes and Brenda Hum.  Venue:  Reedbeds Community Centre, Fulham, SA. Contact:  Brenda Hum - Mobile 0413022246  Email:
  • 30th April:           WTCQD

May 2016 

 June 2016

July 2016

August 2016
  • 6th - 7th August: Tai Chi for Energy 2:  Presenter - Dr. Paul Lam. Venue:  Burnside Community Centre, Cnr. Greenhill & Portrush Roads, SA. Contact:
 September 2016  October 2016


The views and information supplied by the contributors of this newsletter, whether expressed or implied, are not necessarily the view of the TCAA inc.  All material has been published by the Editor and the TCAA in good faith.

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The 18th Tai Chi workshop in Sydney 2016
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Better Health Tai Chi Chuan, with special guests, Ken Goh and Alice Dong
Sharing tai chi with audience from Better Health Tai Chi Chuan at the 30th anniversary 2015
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Better Health Tai Chi Chuan, with special guests at dinner
Dr Paul Lam trekking through the Inca Trail to visit Machu Picchu in Peru 2015
The 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, Dr Paul Lam and friends found the TCAA at the first tai chi workshop 18th years ago! 
Dr Paul Lam and Rob Fennel with the rest of the Australian team at Third World Wushu Championship held in Baltimore, USA in August 1995 
Dr Paul Lam visiting Shaolin Temple 2015
Dr Lam pushing hands with Rosalie Lackie in China 2015
TCAA AGM in Adelaide 2015
The soul drummers add flavour to the 30th anniversary celebration
Dr Lam at Chen Village, the origin of Tai Chi in China tour 2015
At the 17th annual tai chi workshop in Sydney
Dr Lam thanking Ken Goh for joining the celebration of his school, Better Health Tai Chi Chuan's 30th anniversary.
Alice Dong sharing her tai chi sword at Better Health Tai Chi Chuan's 30th year anniversary
Dr Lam at Olympic Parks Atlanta USA 2015
greeting of our tai chi family from Portland at the USA annual tai chi workshop
At the 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, Joanne shares her musical talent
At the 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, the 56 Chen's style class
At the 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, the Tai Chi for Arthritis instructors training class
At the 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, the Tai Chi for Arthritis instructors training class sharing their tai chi, note the TCAA website enginner extraordinary Rich is at the front
At the 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, practicing in front of the Sydney Harbour
Enjoying the social dinner at the 18th Annual tai chi workshop in Sydney
Dragon boats!
Dr Lam at the Sydney beach
At the Sydney Tai Chi workshop 2016, Dr Lam and the winner of the all inclusive package worth $1850 for the year 2017
Prize winner of the workshop 2016
Sydney harbour is stunning even at bad weather
Sydney tai chi workshops
More tai chi workshop in Sydney
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