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- Issue Number 192, August 2017


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       The awesome instructors team at the 19th annual Australian workshop                            

Hello <<First Name>>

I thought after the record-breaking June workshops and my July mid-year in Sydney I would have time to catch my breath, but between instructor training workshops for my school, a talk and two workshops in Queensland, then more talks and workshops to come in Adelaide I have been working flat out.  Traveling within Australia is a piece of cake for me compare to the long haul around the word, and a warm up for my next tour of Singapore, Belgium, the UK, Turkey and many US states!

You may remember that last year I made a video called the Tai Chi Traveler, I must be the first person to travel more than a million miles to teach tai chi.

Some people are born to travel, some people get air sick, car sick and suffer from jet lag.  I belong to the latter! 

I love the great things about travel – having friends all over the world, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, broadening my horizons, learning more tai chi, tasting international food and fruits and seeing some incredible scenery. I have worked out ways to overcome my motion sickness, mostly using tai chi principles although for any flight over thirty minutes long I keep my eyes closed and that helps in preventing air sickness for me. Frequently I practice better tai chi posture, dantian breathing, and every three hours I practice tai chi in my seat, using lots of visualisation for an hour.

Tai chi has given me opportunities to travel around the world, and a tool to help me cope with the challenges. I feel privileged. That brings me to a little commercial: next year will be our 20th Annual Workshop in Sydney. Many of you have travelled from different parts of the world to join us over the years. With half a year to go we are already 60% full and some classes are almost full. I hope you can come to join us in January but do book soon to ensure your place on your chosen course. Our incredible workshop team have an exciting program and some surprises for you.

                              The incredible 19th annual Australian workshop                            

There are also many workshops coming up in Europe and the USA, although some are fully booked. Do check out our website, and I hope to see you soon.

Some of the greatest things you can learn at the June workshop come from the morning talks. The morning speakers have experience and knowledge to share which is so rich that you might not remember it all, so I am going to share with you Debra Dunn-Yonke’s talk from June, and more to come next month.  (Can you imagine how you could learn from Mr Pepper?)  Well Mr Pepper is a dog, which may explain why Debra’s tai chi is so beautiful and natural!

Lastly, my team want the online lessons to be perfectly smooth and wonderfully rich, which means preparing a very large amount of content, sorting out the software hitches and other unexpected complexities. We have decided to defer the opening until around mid September. Our recent talk has been about online menus, so like any good chef I would like to tempt your appetite with a brief tasting plate (or an introduction) where you can sample some of the fare we plan to offer. If you are interested please email us and we will notify you asap.

Yours in Tai Chi,

Paul Lam, MD

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This Month’s Special

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Product Review Prize Winners

Congratulations to Chris Milton (Australia) and L. Starr from the USA!
You have both won 3 DVDs of your choice, value AUD $120. You can see your reviews below, please contact us within one week to claim your prize.
We welcome your review when you make a purchase, that enable us to improve our product.
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                                 At the Toowoomba workshop in Quensland, July 2017     

A Letter to Dr Lam,

Alison Pollard Mansergh, Instructor, Brisbane
Anyone who has experienced depression and anxiety will understand the constant noise and negative thoughts that plague every waking moment … the thoughts that tell you of worthlessness, that you have no value to anyone, that there is no point to your life … none of them true, but in the midst of this terrible disease you believe them, and just want some peace. It was during a time of debilitating depression that I discovered Tai Chi.
I had tried meditation numerous times before, but trying to still a mind that is full of noise seemed like an impossible task. Tai Chi, however, meant I had to focus on the actions, my breathing, making the movements flow … and for the first time I discovered a quiet … only briefly, but it was an amazing discovery. As I practiced Tai Chi, the moments of quiet increased, and soon I could go for an entire hour. The relief was immense. I realised that I didn’t have to consider ending my life anymore … I had found a cure.
To look at me now, you would never guess that this was me only a relatively short while ago, but I am a testimony to Tai Chi working for mental health and wellbeing.
Dr Lam replies:
Thank you Alison for sharing this with our tai chi family. I have always believed tai chi is one of the most powerful antidote for depression, and you have found that first hand! Though I know it must be challenging to start something like tai chi proactively while you felt depressed. I am deeply moved by your determination to empower yourself. 
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Learn from A Lion – by Debra Dunn-Yonke

Watch her talk

Fun Facts about Shih Tzu’s: (very true of Mr Pepper):
  • May be referred to as: "The Chinese Lion Dog"
  • Attributes: Prefers to be close to his companions and will often offer strangers his affection.
  • Friendly nature- interacts well with other dogs, children and adults."

4 Lessons Learned from Mr Pepper ("The Lion")

BE STILL/QUIET-- --Quick to Listen & participate; Slow to Speak (bark); Slow to become angry (always ready for fun in any shared activity).--(How else can you make distinctions between your own dreams & aspirations & what others bring to you?) - It's difficult to be frustrated/distracted when you are constantly thinking forward towards the next step!
•BE UNCONVENTIONAL Focus & be inspired by non-Tai Chi Things-- don't be so quick to make judgements about your abilities or others-- those "others" (both human and circumstances) may soon be your greatest teachers and strongest allies!
READ!--Before, during, and after Tai Chi play!
--Be inspired by:
*What you see in front of your eyes…(including face reading & movement!😊)
*What you learn in print, as well as what you apply & try out for yourself! you don't have to be perfect-- but you will have to BE WILLING to try to discover what works for you!
*Don't be afraid to TRY applying what you are learning & how you are learning it-- the "process of discovery" has its own special gifts- you may surprise yourself & others with new inventions of BEST PRACTICES as a TEAM -- Your courage to show/share with others these approaches may in turn encourage and inspire others to continue in pursuit of their uniqueness as well! 
*Open Your Circle of Influence!
-- Don't limit yourself to working with people who only look like you...
-- BE HUMBLE...What you are working on is MUCH GREATER than the sum of your defined title/name.
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Product Review Prize Winners

Product:       Combined 42 Forms
Posted by:   Chris Milton, Australia
 Rated 5 out of 5 stars
A Wonderful Challenge
After enjoying the Tai Chi for Health programs I have found this style to be a pleasant challenge, with added depth and understanding. There is always more to learn continuing on my Tai Chi journey. Thank you Paul. 

Product:     Tai Chi for Beginners
Posted By: L. Starr, USA

 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A simple & effective beginning for a novice. I started with lessons 1 & 2. Never practiced Tail Chi before. Easy to follow steps, with constant repetitions of previous form and steps. I especially find the instructions easier to follow when Dr. Lam demonstrates each form from the front and back, as I must mirror everything by using opposite hands and feet movements. I will order each new download when I feel comfortable with the one I am learning from. Helps my balance as well as strengthening leg muscles.      
Please contact (Australia) or to arrange delivery of your DVDs.

Humor, Laughter and Radiant Health

by Dr Bob McBrien

This month's essay may seem unusual; it is on humour and death. As a boy, I was always mystified by my grandparent’s comfort discussing the obituaries in the morning paper. Now I am aware that they were much more tuned in to the works of nature, perhaps because they both grew up on farms. Recently I came across a web source on humour and discovered a page of comic epitaphs. Apparently having laugh reading tombstones was common in my grandparents’ time. It continues today, you can find many sources on the web.
Here are a few ancient epitaphs:
  • Harry Smith Born 1903--Died 1942. Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the car was on the way down. It was.
  • Here lies an Atheist, all dressed up and no place to go. 
  • Here lies Ann Mann, Who lived an old maid but died an old Mann. Dec. 8, 1767 
  • Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake. Stepped on the gas instead of the brake.
  • John Strange' epitaph: Here lies an honest lawyer, and that is Strange.
  • On the 22nd of June, Jonathan Fiddle went out of tune.
And my favourite: The epitaph on the tombstone of a hypochondriac.
  • I told you I was sick 
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