From videos to paintings, I can see tai chi principles everywhere.
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Dr Lam's Tai Chi, Health and Lifestyle Newsletter - Issue Number 169, Sept 2015

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Hello <<First Name>>

On 1 August we held a wonderful celebration of my school’s 30th anniversary.  Over two hundred of our past and present participants attended and we had a wonderful afternoon reminiscing and playing tai chi together.  Our special guests gave us dazzling performances, and I have now put together a special video to share with you.  Please feel free to share it with your own friends, families and participants.

I love to hear your stories about how you are spreading tai chi throughout your communities.  Thank you Senior Trainer Art Lopez from Fresno, California, who sent me this beautiful video, with the message: “Our Sun 73 Players would like to present you with a video dedicated to you. Thank you for your help and best wishes!”  What a marvellous video, a group of people happily engaged in their tai chi, I could watch it again and again!
Last night I had an unexpected adventure whilst walking in The Rocks, an artistic area of Sydney.  I found the gallery of Charles Billich. As a young man he trained as a ballet dancer, and his paintings capture so much vibrancy and movement, I am sure all tai chi devotees would enjoy them.  If a painting can have spiral force then his certainly do.  I was lucky enough to meet him, and his vitality at 80 was very reminiscent of many long-time practitioners I know. 

Regular readers will notice three new additions to my Workshop Calendar.  I am excited to announce that the Sydney Master Class (MC) is now arranged, with a choice of the Yang 24 and Sun 73 Forms, plus the possibility of gaining my new Teaching Certificate! 
After the June workshop I will be conducting my first US MC, again for the Yang 24 and Sun 73 Forms.  MC placement is by audition only; please email Hazel Thompson for more details.
In September I will be on the East Coast, conducting a Sun 73 and Chen 36 Forms MC.  I am very excited about the MCs – I hope to see you there!

Remember the early bird discount for January 2015 workshop is coming up soon, it is 60% full, please enrol asap to ensure your chosen class.
This Month’s Special:   Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Receive a 20% discount when you order the DVD.  Offer expires 30 September.  Please use coupon code  TCRDVD20 when ordering.
Upcoming Workshops by Dr Paul Lam


      Creek January 2016

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June 2016 
  • Dr Paul Lam's Master Class for Yang 24 and Sun 73 Forms,  June 13,  United States, Ohio, Cincinnati 

July 2016

September 2016

Other workshops by my authorised Master Trainers are displayed on the Master Trainer Workshop Calendar
Yours in Tai Chi,
Paul Lam, MD
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(Dr Lam receives many letters.  Each month we feature one, and he answers any questions raised)
A Letter to Dr Lam
Ioana Aspasia Voicu, Senior Trainer, Matthews, North Carolina
This is the online version of our local newspaper. The writer didn't get all things 100% correct, some of them read funny, but it's an overall good article. Very positive, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

If you notice in the picture, all participants have the follow step right! I'm so proud of this class. This is the class I started teaching two years ago right after I got certified in the TCA with Ralph Dehner. Most people are still attending, and of course, new people as well. I have close to 20 participants. They learned TCA 1, then part 2, now they are more than half way through Sun style 73 forms! Three participants who had some Qigong and different Tai Chi style background got certified in TCA following this class and now they are teaching!
Dr Lam replies:
Well done Ioana, you have every right to be proud of them!  It is wonderful that you have now encouraged three more people to become instructors!  Keep up the good work.
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Open the Gift with the Silver Bow
Patricia Lawson, Master Trainer, Florida

Thanks to the hard work and tenacity of Master Trainer Ileina Ferrier, all TCHI instructors have a new gift waiting for them to open.  It is the Silver & Fit program.  Ileina told me, “Our collaboration with ASH (American Specialty Health Fitness) and Silver & Fit will provide much needed marketing assistance and visibility to reach into our communities. We will be able to post the Silver & Fit logo when we post our classes and workshops.”  Please note that this endorsement applies to all the Tai Chi for Health Adult programs, but not to specialty classes or workshops that an instructor might offer separately  from the Tai Chi for Health  adult classes. 

This collaboration began in March 2014 at the American Society of Aging Conference, where Ileina recognized that with the growing interest in TCHI, it was time to explore which professional relationships would provide the best visibility and opportunities for our TCHI instructors.  In December 2014, TCHI entered into an agreement with ASH and the Silver & Fit program.  Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention  was the first tai chi program endorsed for Silver& Fit.  In June 2015 the endorsements were successfully received for all of the Tai Chi for Health Adult programs. 

According to its website, ASH is one of the nation's leading personal health improvement companies and offers network opportunities for instructors as well as allowing members to participate in non-traditional types of fitness facilities, such as parks, community centers, active aging communities, etc. It seems like a perfect fit for what we do.  There are opportunities for facility memberships as well, if you have a voice in a larger organization.
So you have a gift waiting for you!  To untie the silver bow, go online to  and click “Join Our Network,” or call toll-free 877-329-2746, option 5.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  
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Teaching Tai Chi at the Gym
Irene Goetze, Instructor, Covington, Georgia

Tai Chi is taught is a variety of settings, gyms, martial arts studios and church basements, each presenting challenges to the teacher and students.  Tai Chi is also taught in a variety of time frames from classes with beginning and ending dates to on-going drop-in classes.  The key is to find a balance that is workable for the students and instructors.

Here in Covington, Georgia, we are fortunate to have four certified Tai Chi for Arthritis instructors working with the 10 to 20 students who drop in to participate in our twice a week class. In the two years we have been offering Tai Chi, 95 individuals have attended classes and are currently receiving e-mails two or three times a month with articles on Tai Chi.

Because we have several instructors, we are able to provide differentiated instruction after a full class warm-up.  Students often start in a seated group that focuses on upper body movements.  Other groups focus on individual needs of students who are present with some going as far as instruction and practice of Tai Chi for Arthritis 2.
As instructor of the seated group I have found that some of my students prefer to stay seated because they like the abdominal work in this format.  When I mentioned that I had done Tai Chi on a physio ball when taking physical therapy, one of students, Moe, asked if she could try.  The gym is well stocked with physio balls, many of which are underinflated. Armed with a pump, she created some usable balls and started encouraging others to join our group.

So my group now sits on chairs and balls.  Those students who are proponents of the physio ball say they get great abdominal work and that it helps their balance.  I use the ball at home but in class only when all members of my group use the ball.

One of the purposes of learning and practicing Tai Chi is to achieve balance in both body and spirit.  In our class we try to provide balance in our instruction to help our students achieve in all aspects of their lives.
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Humour, Laughter and Radiant Health
Dr Bob McBrien, Master Trainer, Salisbury, MD, USA
Dr Bernie Siegel is an American writer and retired pediatric surgeon, who writes and speaks on the relationship between the patient and the healing process. His use of humor contributes to the healing process for cancer patients and the well-being of all who care for the patient. He writes about the importance of health care professionals finding ways to ensure that patients they care for are able to smile. Find Dr Bernie Siegel on You Tube.
Dr Siegel offers three examples of ways folks find humor while in the hospital.
* Do you want 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet? Press the call button.
* If you are going to the hospital bring a whistle. That will ensure that you can get someone to come to your room if you need assistance.
* Going in for a knee or hip replacement? Bring a Sharpie marking pen. Write This one! on the bad hip and Not this one! on the good hip.
Here is some more humor from the world of medicine.
*Dr John was delighted to have his son, young Dr Peter join his practice.
In his first week the office manager sent Sister Nancy an older nun to his examination room and within five minutes she came out upset and left the office.
Dr. John went to his son and asked, "What kind of medicine did you learn? Here is a 50 year old woman, a nun, and you tell her she is four months pregnant?" Dr. Peter calmly asked his father, " Does she still have hiccups?"
*Dr. Peter and his wife were enjoying an evening out at a club. As they listened to the music and watched folks dancing Dr. Peter saw an older patient of his dancing with a much younger woman.
At a break in the music, Dr. Peter went up to the old timer and said, "What are you doing here?" The fellow said, "I am doing what you told me Doc. You said, ' Get a hot momma and be cheerful'."  
Dr. Peter said, "No, I said you have a heart murmur and be careful!"

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Madelene one of our most experienced instructor at the 30th anniversary celebration for their school, Better Health Tai Chi Chuan.
As part of the celebrating activities, the magical drummers and dancer .
Dr Lam at the center bridge, Beijing Palace Museum
Master Alice Dong demonstrating the tai chi sword at Better Health Tai Chi Chuan 30th anniversary
What a happy occasion!
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is the most versatile and most healing program, it is the monthy special.
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop in South Australia August 2015
Dr Lam after Tai Chi for Health workshop in Singapore
Dr Paul Lam with friends and participants at the Tai Chi for Arthritis Workshop
Dr Lam at Madrid
Tai Chi workshop in SA 2015
Peter Bannister play an ancient Chinese instrument the Sheng at the Better Health Tai Chi Chuan 30 anniverary celebration
teaching tai chi at the gym
At the 30 anniversary
Tai Chi workshop in SA 2014 with Master trainers Rosemary and Brenda
Dr Lam at Chen house in Shantou, China
At Chen village, origin of Tai Chi in China 2015
During the tai chi tour 2015
China tour, Xian ancient capital
Tai Chi for Energy workshop
Dr Bob McBrien facilitating the Exploring the Depth of TCA workshop with Dr Lam in Vermont, USA Sept 2014.

Dr Paul Lam inviting you to join our 18th Annual Tai Chi Workshop in Sydney


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