05 August 2015
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I was looking through some quotes recently and this one caught my eye:  “We are not over-loaded, we are under-burdened.”  What’s that mean?


To be overloaded literally means to be crammed and packed full; to have too much of something; or to have too great a demand placed upon you.  To be burdened means to have a duty that causes hardship or stress; or a main responsibility for achieving a task; or it can even mean the main theme of an argument.  Followers of Jesus (and the Bible: Numbers 11:11 & 17 Matthew 11:30; Matthew 23:4; Acts 15:28; Galatians 6:2 & 5) speak of a burden in both the negative and the positive.  Sometimes we speak of being ‘burdened for the lost.’  I suppose this is OK, but I wonder if a burden might not better be followed, fueled, and fulfilled by love?  When we love God, that love becomes dangerous.  It grows within, lighting a fire in our bones, a stirring in our spirit, a longing in our hearts.  We want to ‘do’ because of love.

Our family is undergoing some radical transition these days.  Our daughter Bekah will be married on August 15th.  Our daughter Sarah received a major promotion at her work, and has moved to the south part of the Puget Sound area.  Our youngest daughter Bethany, just graduated, and is prayerfully considering a longer term commitment of service of some kind.  In just the span of a few weeks, we’ll go from having 3 of our children home to all of our children gone. (Our son Andrew and our daughter-in-law Icie just celebrated their 5th anniversary).  As many of you know, there’s a lot of work involved in a wedding, and with the other two girls in transition at the same time moves and expenses multiply.  There is a burden involved, but I don’t really feel overloaded.  And in the midst of the stretching I’ve noticed that I’d happily sacrifice much to get these girls launched well, because I love them so much.  I’m still eager to hear my son’s voice when he calls, and listen for an opportunity to encourage and somehow contribute to his life-- all because of love.

Hong Kong, just this past June

Could it be that when I feel overloaded, maybe my first choice ought not to seek to unload, but to realize I might be a bit under-burdened with love?  Back into Jesus' presence and I'm full of love again.  At last month’s General Conference in Orlando, Bishops Kendall, Roller, and Thomas offered three outstanding messages that can help.  Watch them here:

We’d welcome your ongoing prayers, and your partnership.  It’s been a full year now since we began this work as missionaries to Asia, with Eric serving as the Area Director.  Please consider making an investment in Asia by giving toward our MSA (Missionary Support Account).  Our salary, housing, benefits, ministry expenses, some travel, office work, central services from the support offices in Indianapolis —all are paid out of our MSA.  Would you make a commitment to give through 2016 here?  Or consider giving on line here?

Only A Shadow

If you’re still reading this newsletter, I want to invite you also to pray about investing in eternity in Asia through our Church Planting & Development funds.  (CPDs for short, formerly called CSAs)  Through these accounts leaders in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar (as well as several Creative Access countries) receive basic support; some church planting pastors literally depend upon the monthly amount that we send.


As an example, $2,000 a month supports over 40 pastors and as many as 50 churches in one country, and the fund balance for accounts like these are insufficient right now.  In fact, three of our mission districts and 3 other countries are underfunded, and I’m praying now that we won’t have to miss sending the money to them.  Would you join me in prayer?  If you would consider a one time gift to help, you can give here:   This is the Love Asia fund.  If you’d like to adopt or ‘sponsor’ a ministry like you might sponsor an ICCM child, please let me know.  It’s an investment that will truly change the world.

Later this month our travel will pick up, and we’d not only welcome your prayers for us, but also love to see you if we are near.  Schedule is below.


Thanks SO MUCH for partnering with us as we join Jesus in His mission to change the world in Asia!


Grateful & Burdened with His Love


Eric & Virginia

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20Sep | Skyline Family Fellowship [Eagle River, AK]
27Sep | Marysville FMC [Marysville, WA]
01Oct  | Nepal [Tentative]
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