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News from the Conrad Centre

Welcome MBET class of 2017!

We were delighted to welcome the MBET class of 2017 yesterday for day one of Ignition Week. Joining us from 14 different countries (including Canada), this diverse group of entrepreneurs is in for a busy ignition week ahead, and a life-changing year at MBET. Join us in welcoming them to the Conrad community by stopping by the Centre or sending a welcome message to @conraduwaterloo on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!
From customer discovery to Kickstarter: Sienci Labs in Enterprise Co-op

Andy Lee's Enterprise Co-op term is coming to an end this month, but he and his co-founders at Sienci Labs are busier than ever with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign. The campaign aims to bring the Sienci Mill One, an affordable and user-friendly desktop CNC milling machine, into the hands of creative makers across the world.
Enterprise Co-op students awarded $2,000 in Product Video Showcase

Each term, the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and TechnologyCentre invites Enterprise Co-op students to develop a 90-second video displaying the products or services they have developed during their E Co-op term.

Two students have been awarded $1,000 each for their submissions. Check out their videos below! 

Enteprise Co-op Product Video Showcase Winner - Christina Tan, Eloquent Speaking
Enteprise Co-op Product Video Showcase Winner - Christina Tan, Eloquent Speaking 
Enterprise Co-op Product Video Showcase Winner - Andy Lee, Sienci Labs
Enterprise Co-op Product Video Showcase Winner - Andy Lee, Sienci Labs 

Outreach at Conrad: Conrad IP & Commercialization Workshops for esteemed CryptoWorks 21 group

Above, participants in the Conrad Intellectual Property and Management workshop pitch their venture ideas. 
This past July instructors from the Conrad Centre provided Intellectual Property and Commercialization workshops to leading quantum and cryptographic researchers at the University of Waterloo, providing them with an understanding of the valuable (and patent-able) ideas they may develop and how they can validate problems to potentially arrive at a commercialization solution.

Electra Eleftheriadou (pictured, left) is a researcher at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at Waterloo. Here she recounts her experience at Conrad's Intellectual Property workshop:

IP is about ideas, right? Well, sort of. Intellectual Property (IP) can mean different things to different people. This interactive two-day workshop was designed to help us understand what is classified as IP, to determine if we already have ideas or projects that are classified as IP, and to understand the course of action we can take to protect and manage this type of property.
The workshop was facilitated by two talented professionals: Dr. Doug Beynon, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre; and Rachel Bartholomew, alumna of UWaterloo’s Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) and CEO/Founder of the Mod Market. Their expertise proved invaluable. The workshop instructors devoted their time to addressing every single question, ensuring that no one left the workshop with questions about their specific IP rights.
I learned that in order for an idea to be classified as IP, it needs to be novel and potentially profitable. IP is treated like a real property: you can buy, sell, lease, or even gift it! There are different forms of IP protection: patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, industrial design, and licensing. Each type is suitable for a specific aspect of protection and the protection duration varies among these forms.
The workshop was well-designed and integrated different teaching methods: brainstorming, open discussions, and activities. The session where we examined our rights under the University of Waterloo’s IP Policy (Policy 73) was particularly useful. And as a researcher, I found it especially valuable to learn how patent databases can be used as a supplement to literature searches.
We were even introduced to a patent and trademark lawyer, Neil Henderson, who explained the process of filing patents and answered our individual questions.
The IP workshop was a useful prerequisite for the workshops that followed, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship and the Advanced Lean Canvas workshop, both offered by the Conrad Centre and facilitated by the same professionals. All three workshops were catered to each student’s individual needs and left lots of time for asking questions. I highly recommend them! (And bonus: one of the workshops included some serious play with Lego!)

Conrad faculty updates

Margaret Dalziel Margaret Dalziel chaired the session on Institutional and Policy Context for Innovation at the Academy of Management Conference, from August 5 – 9 in Anaheim, California.

In addition, with the team at The Evidence Network, she evaluated venture support programs in Vietnam and Cambodia on behalf of the Asian Development Bank.

Upcoming events 

SEPTEMBER 8 — Undergraduate classes for fall 2016 begin.
SEPTEMBER 10-24Geek Week Waterloo Region, a region-wide cross-section of events that celebrate science, technology, and maker culture at every level: grassroots, academic, and institutional.
SEPTEMBER 12 — MBET classes begin
SEPTEMBER 12-16 — Enterprise Co-op Ignition Week. The Enterprise Co-op term launches with a week of workshops, learning sessions, and a pitch competition with several prizes of $5,000 to be awarded.
SEPTEMBER 14 — Delegation from the University of Arkansas visits Conrad to learn more about entrepreneurship education at UWaterloo.
SEPTEMBER 14-16 Waterloo Innovation Summit. Presented by Communitech and the University of Waterloo, the summit brings together the world's top influencers to explore what governments, universities, and business can do to turn ideas into enterprises.
SEPTEMBER 16 — Delegation from Swinburne University, Australia visits Conrad.
SEPTEMBER 16-18 — Hack the North, Canada’s biggest hackathon. Conrad will have a booth with the Faculty of Engineering at the event, hosted in E5.
SEPTEMBER 17 — ECON 2016, a conference hosted by Waterloo's Economics Society. Conrad will host an innovation challenge at the conference.
SEPTEMBER 20, 10:30 amMBET webinar 
SEPTEMBER 21 — Delegation from Massey University, New Zealand visits Conrad.
SEPTEMBER 24 — Delegation from Chongquing University, China visits Conrad.
SEPTEMBER 23-25 — Ontario Universities Fair
SEPTEMBER 29, 5-7 pm ConradConnect LIVE event. Come out and get to know the extended Conrad community! Location and details to follow.
SEPTEMBER 28-30 — Delegation from ITESM Chihuahua, Mexico visits Conrad for three days of workshops, site visits, and presentations.
Looking for more support and connections in the Waterloo entrepreneurship community? ConradConnect is a platform that supports entrepreneurs by providing access to potential team members, advisors, and an ever-growing list of events and resources.
Join ConradConnect today -- jumpstart your journey into Waterloo's vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Howard Armitage at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Last month, Conrad professor Howard Armitage won the silver medal in squash at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver. The event brought together 5000 athletes from over 50 countries in North, South, and Central America to compete in 24 sports. Congratulations, Howard!

About the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre 

The Conrad Centre is an immersive educational environment for entrepreneurs. Offering the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET), the Minor in Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op), and other entrepreneurial programs, the Conrad Centre provides students with the education, network, and experience they need to build an entrepreneurial career.

Located at the University of Waterloo in the heart of Canada's most vibrant and thriving tech ecosystem - Waterloo, Ontario - there is no better place in Canada to experience entrepreneurship.

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