WLCL - UPDATE - Boating & COVID-19

April 11,2020

UPDATE - Boating & COVID-19


Michigan Executive Order: 2020-42 was signed on April 9th extending the stay at home order through April 30.

As part of this EO, the exceptions that apply to physical activity no longer allow motorboats or PWCs.

7. Exceptions.
(a) Individuals may leave their home or place of residence, and travel as necessary:
(1) To engage in outdoor physical activity, consistent with remaining at least six feet from people from outside the individual’s household. Outdoor physical activity includes walking, hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, or other similar physical activity, as well as any comparable activity for those with limited mobility.

This is further clarified in the Executive Order 2020-42 FAQs:

Q: Does boating constitute "outdoor activity" under the new executive order?

A: Physical outdoor activity like kayaking, canoeing, and sailing is permitted under the order, but using a motorboat, a jet ski, or other similar watercraft is not. Any outdoor activity permitted under the order, including boating, must be done in a manner consistent with social distancing, and individuals should use only their own equipment to prevent the transmission of the virus through the touching of shared surfaces. Additionally, in accordance with section 2 of the order, persons not part of a single household may not boat together. 

Let's work together to ensure these measures are are successful in combatting COVID-19 and that we will be able to return to boating when the warm weather is here.

We will keep you informed of updates as they become available.

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