WLCL Home Tour 2019 Urgent Appeal

June 27, 2019

2019 Home Tour Urgent Appeal


The Home Tour has been a successful Fireworks fund-raiser for the past 9 years, and is at risk of being cancelled. To-date, only 2 homes have committed for the July 20, 2019 tour.  If we are able to find 3 additional homes this week we will be able to hold the 2019 Home Tour as scheduled.

With tremendous effort and stamina our volunteers have approached 100 Lake homes over the past few weeks with the goal of securing 5 committed properties to showcase in the highly popular Pontoon Home and Cottage Tour.  We need 3 more homes!

If you were a Home in a previous year, consider participating again. Or, if you or someone you know would be willing to offer a house, please contact Chuck Neville at (248)-390-4139 or within the next week.   

For those considering having your home on the tour:

  • You decide what portions of your home will be shown.

  • Guests are not permitted to take pictures. 

  • WLCL provides the guests with refreshments.

  • Guests will not bring food or drink into your home

  • Pontoon crew ensure the guests stay together in a group. 

  • We ask that you accompany the tour through your house.


Please stay tuned for additional updates on the home tour.


  Linda Smallwood
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