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July 3, 2019


Independence Celebration

Another Independence Day Fireworks Program is in the books for the White Lake Citizens League…and a magnificent show it was!

To those folks reading this who are paid members of the Citizens League, Thank You.  It was your $25 membership, and from some, an extra fireworks donation, that helped pay for the show we all just enjoyed.  As of today, that is 357 members out of 668 residents. However, that also means that only half of the folks who were able to enjoy the show contributed to making it a reality.  

We all need to be aware that this program is the biggest and most expensive WLCL event each year, and we have been advised to expect a 20% increase in our costs for future shows.  

If you have not yet paid your $25, 2019 dues, the major source of Fireworks funds, we ask that you take a minute to do so now.  A check may be sent to:

P/O Box 851,
Highland, MI, 48356

Alternatively, on our home page,, you will find a link to allow payment via Credit Card.

Either way, please consider doing this today.  In the future, without an increase in the percentage of our residents supporting the League, our only option will be to reduce the size, complexity and length of the fireworks show.  

Nobody wants that!

 Bill Maine
 WLCL President
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