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March 15, 2019

Dear reader...

Have we told you lately that we love you?

This week, after reading a column on e-mail’s ability to reach people in meaningful ways, it seemed important to make that clear. After all, this newsletter wasn’t pushed to you by a cryptic algorithm that determined its virality on a scale of one to 10 billion. You signed up for it. And you can unsubscribe from it anytime you like.

E-mail’s comeback isn’t borne of some high-tech advancement in @-sign science. If anything, maybe we’re a little fed up with the relentless urgency and abruptness of smartphone app notifications.

This newsletter hits your inbox occasionally... only when we have something to share with you about White Lake. You open it—or not—at your leisure. I hope you don't find it burdensome, and I hope you find the information valuable and well written.

It’s a nice, uncomplicated relationship that we hope you appreciate as much as we do.

(With thanks to Wilson Rothman & Brian Fitzgerald of the Wall Street Journal for some of the ideas contained here.)

Bob Parrett
WLCL Communications Director

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