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Class-A audio mastering from

The Humble Grove.

There's nothing humble about our sound.

About us.

We thought we'd get in touch. The Humble Grove is based in Melbourne, Australia and is owned and operated by Drew Davidson (aka Suncontrolspecies).

At THG we've spent a lot of time bringing our vision of how the process of audio mastering should be into reality. Now it's here and we're excited to share this with you.

The studio has been re-designed from the ground up, with no expense spared to ensure the highest quality signal for your music.

Fast. Affordable. Guaranteed.

We're tooled up with the best Class-A analog gear available and we've designed our workflow to include you - the customer - in the experience.

Experience counts too.

THG's engineer Drew Davidson has lived and breathed the music industry for 15 years. He's worked as a professional recording and mastering engineer, as well as a solo musician. 

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What's been happening @ THG.

We're currently putting the final touches on the new album by Kliment, an artist from the Zenon Records stables. Powerful & minimal psy-progressive sounds that Zenon Records artists are famous for!

Need a second opinion?

Like people, music comes in all manner of shapes and sizes. Quite often, tracks that come into a mastering environment might still need little tweaks within the mixing stage in order to get the best out of them. If you think your track might be ready to go to mastering, but are not 100% sure, send it to us for a no-obligation appraisal.

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