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The Sun Girls Brigade: teaching female Yezidi fighters about the rules of war

The Iraqi conflict severely hit the Yezidi population, particularly the hundreds of women and girls who were allegdely victims of war crimes including organized rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage. Following these abuses, in 2015, a famous female Yezidi singer created an all-female armed unit—the Sun Girls Brigade. Geneva Call has recently trained some of its members on the protection of civilians during armed conflict.

Over two days in July 2017, and for the first time, Geneva Call provided training on the respect of humanitarian norms and the protection of civilians during hostilities to 20 female fighters from the Yezidi Sun Girls Brigade. Through different sessions, trainers presented all the main topics of the law of armed conflict, including the distinction between civilians and combatants, the protection of children and the critical issue of reprisals and vengeance.

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He danced in the ruins of Palmyra; now he will dance in Geneva at a special event in support of Geneva Call

Ahmad Joudeh is from Syria and became famous via the TV documentary, Dance or Die, in which he danced amid Palmyra’s ruins in Syria. He now lives in the Netherlands and is a member of the Dutch National Ballet. On 5 October, Ahmad will perform in ZUP—a show organized by the Compagnie Urbaine at the Plainpalais skate park in Geneva—as part of Geneva Call’s special event for the victims of war. ZUP is a show mixing urban dance and sports, electronic music, video mapping and acrobatics.The scenery, videos and choreography will be specially adapted for Ahmad and will make this evening unique.

ZUP - Special evening in support of Geneva Call
With the participation of Ahmad Joudeh
5 October 2017 – 8:30 pm
Plainpalais skate park, Geneva

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Interview with Elisabeth Decrey Warner, Executive President of Geneva Call

Elisabeth Decrey Warner has headed Geneva Call since she co-founded it back in 1998. From its status of humanitarian “UFO”, she went on to create an organization renowned in its domain. It is now active in fifteen countries and employs over 40 people.

You’re soon going to change your role within Geneva Call. What will you be doing?

I’ll be leaving my role as executive president of the organization, i.e. the general management, to become a member of the Foundation’s Board. I remain deeply attached to Geneva Call and will be just as involved in the life of the organization. The wonderful adventure of working at Geneva Call is something I won’t forget.

What led you to take this decision?

I co-founded Geneva Call almost twenty years ago and have always been at the helm. I think that it’s healthy after such a long time to make room for new ideas, new perspectives and new approaches. There comes a moment when it’s right to step back. But you all know me... I will continue to get involved in just causes and will help in any way and any place I can make a difference.

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Strategy for 2017–2019: preventing abuses against civilians during armed conflicts

Millions of people are currently affected by 49 different armed conflicts around the world. Geneva Call has defined a new strategy for the next three years, aimed at increasing its impact and preventing the abuses committed against civilians during conflicts.

Find out about how Geneva Call envisions the development of new themes of work and new field offices in ever more countries.

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