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Sudan: Training on international humanitarian norms for four armed movements

From 22nd to 24th October, Geneva Call conducted several training sessions on humanitarian norms for 33 high-level officers, military commanders and legal advisers from four Sudanese armed non-State actors (ANSA). It is the first time that these four ANSAs received training together.

All of them are signatories to Geneva Call’s Deed of Commitment banning anti-personnel (AP) mines: the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N), the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army – Abdel Wahid al-Nur (SLM/A-AW) and the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army – Minni Minnawi (SLM/A-MM).  >> Read more

Lebanon: Inauguration of the Legal Training Center in Ain al-Hilweh Refugee Camp

A milestone of Geneva Call’s project in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon was reached on 25 October with the inauguration of the Legal Training Center in Ain al-Hilweh camp. The Legal Support Unit (LSU) to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) is now formally established. The LSU will develop programmes to train all members of the Palestinian National Security Forces (PNSF) in Lebanon on international legal standards including the use of force.

The PNSF in Lebanon is the new unified structure of the different armed bodies of the PLO factions, which has its headquarters in Ain al-Hilweh. It has approximately 20,000 members, including about 4,000 acting military personnel. The PNSF are in charge of preserving security inside the camps, protecting civilians, institutions and property, and preventing any security threats towards Lebanese citizens outside the camps.

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Geneva Call in 3 minutes: new video clip

Geneva Call is pleased to launch a short video clip presenting a simple message and illustrations of Geneva Call’s work. It explains Geneva Call’s approach to engage armed non-State actors on the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

It is available in 2 languages, English and French. It can be watched and shared through the following links:
-          In French
-          In English

Syria: major brigade of the Free Syrian Army commits against anti-personnel mines and sexual violence

Hazzm Movement, a major brigade of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), signed Geneva Call’s Deeds of Commitment banning anti-personnel mines, and prohibiting sexual violence and against gender discrimination. The Secretary General of the Hazzm Movement – Khalid Saleh – signed the Deeds in Geneva on 27th October.

Hazzm Movement was founded in 2014 as a result of the alliance of 22 moderate Syrian armed groups and is composed of around 5,000 combatants according to recent estimates.

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Participation in the Paris Principles Africa Regional Meeting

Geneva Call was invited by the Paris Principle Steering Group to the Africa Regional Meeting that took place in Addis Ababa on 14th-15th October.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss practical measures to challenges to the prevention of recruitment and the release and reintegration of child soldiers. Geneva Call brought its experience on the issue and highlighted the importance to strengthen engagement with armed non-State actors.

 The meeting was organized in collaboration with the African Union, the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, the Permanent Mission of France and UNICEF.
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