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Grant Opportunities:

We are now accepting applications for grants at  We expect to have a very limited number of grants available to teams anywhere in Florida and usually have funding for 10-15 teams in the Brevard and nearby areas.  Due dates are the first of each month.  The application process is easy, but be sure to explain why you need the funding.  Grants are for two of three items -- registration, field setup or a robot kit.  (We are not approving EV3 kits for returning teams who already have a robot.)

Fall Training:

We have scheduled a training workshop for new coaches/mentors on Saturday, August 23 in Merritt Island.   The class will include hands on building and programming of a robot.  Depending on registration, we will be doing this training for both the NXT and EV3.  The class will also cover tips on managing your team, what to expect at a tournament and more.  Pre-registration is required at .   

Rich Berglund is planning training in Tampa at Middleton HS tentatively schedule for Oct 11 including coach, ref and judge training as well as training for team members. 

Open Practices:

We have posted an initial schedule of Open Practices being held around the state.  If your team would like to host and Open Practice, drop me an email and I'll explain what's required.  These events don't require as much work as hosting a tournament, so this may be a way for your school to get more involved.  The current list is posted at    Most of the Open Practices will include some level of training for team members and/or coaches.   Details and registration information will be posted in August.  I will be adding to the list as I get more inputs.

Kickoff Facility Needed

We are seeking a facility to host the Florida FLL Kickoff on Saturday, September 13 in Brevard County.  We would like an air conditioned facility that can seat 300 people.  Please contact Laura at if your school can host this event.

Team Registration --

As you should know, registration and ordering is now a two step process.  This may complicate things for you a bit.  The purchaser can register the team but will have to pay for the registration fee ($225, no shipping) before you will have an option to order the Field Setup.  You will also have to get 2 adults identified as coaches for the team who must go thru the Youth Protection Program Clearance process before you get the link for a field setup order.  The second coach identified doesn't need to be someone who is actively coaching.  It may be a parent that helps out occasionally or a teacher contact at the school.  The clearance process doesn't cost you anything (unless you choose to pay for it) and right now only takes about 24 hours.  I expect the turnaround time may take longer when we get into late August or early September.  

After your team registration is paid, you will get a link to order FLL materials.  This order will be thru LEGO Education so you will need a second Purchase Order for your Field Setup and/or Robot Kit.

You will have to enter your list of team members with their parents contact information prior to attending any events since the Consent Form process is now going to be online.  You do not have to enter the team member data when you initially register.

For Event Registration, we are still planning on registering through our Florida FLL website:  Details will be provided in September when we finalize the Qualifying Tournament schedule.  Event registration costs will be the same as last year:  $75 for Qualifying Tournament, $100 Regional Tournament, $125 for State Championship.

Qualifying Tournament Hosts

In order to host a Qualifying Tournament, the tournament host/director must be a FIRST coach, either FLL, FRC, or FTC.  Any school which has hosted in the past without a current coach identified as the tournament director must have the FLL coach as a director this year.  Also, to eliminate concerns about favoritism being shown to teams from the host school, teams cannot compete at their host school unless all the judges and refs are from outside that school. Teams from the host school can play, but not compete for awards.

Aug 23   New Coach Training      Merritt Island
Sept 13  Florida FLL Kickoff     Brevard County (TBD)
October  Open Practices - various locations
Oct 1     Qualifying Tournament Registration Opens
Nov 15 - Jan 17    Qualifying Tournaments
Jan 31/Feb 6 - Regional Tournaments
March 1   Florida State Championship (tentaive)

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