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It's only one week until the Nature's Fury Challenge is released at noon EDT Tuesday, 8/27.  If you have not received your field setup yet, now is the time to follow up with your bookkeeper to verify it was paid for or to find it -- things get misplaced at schools over the summer.  This year the field setup was shipped in one long box (about 50" x 6" x 6").  Everything is generally still shipping out the day after LEGO Education receives/processes payment.
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  1. Coach Training
  2. Florida FLL Kickoff
  3. Tournament Hosts Needed
  4. Open Practices
  5. Field Setup Tip
  6. Missing Field Setup Parts
  7. EV3 Tip
  8. Problem Adding an Assistant Coach
  9. My Email from Aug 8
  10. Calendar
  1. Coach Training:  We are holding the second (and probably last) training class for new coaches this Saturday, August 24 at Golfview Elementary School.  We still have some space, but please register by Thursday so we have enough robots, computers and food on Saturday.  Register online at
  2. Florida FLL Kickoff:  September 7 at Stone MS in Melbourne.  Details are on the web at  The coach of teams registering before August 29 will receive a free FLL Polo shirt.  Extra shirts are also available for purchase.  This event is for coaches, team members, mentors and parents.
  3. Tournament Hosts Needed: We still need tournament hosts!  I know it's the first week of school for some of you, but we need to get our tournament calendar filled.  If you have dates you're thinking about, email me so I can put you in the list.  Full details are on the web at  Never  hosted before?  Read what's on the web and email me with your questions.  If we don't get enough tournaments, teams may be limited to one tournament this year and have to travel outside their local area for any tournament opportunity.
  4. Open Practices:  An Open Practice is an informal event where teams have an opportunity to work on their robot and do practice runs together, sharing information and seeing that other teams aren't much further in the process that you are.  Some also offer training or judges who can give you pointers. This is also an opportunity for new coaches to meet more experienced coaches.  We currently have two Open Practices scheduled and expect to add more.  Watch our Upcoming Events page at Practice.  If you want to host an Open Practice, email me.
  5. Field Setup Tip:  Be sure to watch the length numbers on the beams.  The 15 long beams are in a separate bag -- not one of the numbered bags as well as other long parts.   
  6. Missing Field Setup Parts:   Be sure to COUNT the bags for each kit before opening them.  (The number needed is shown on the first page of each set of assembly instructions.)  We've had at least one kit that was short a bag of parts.  If you are missing a bag, you'll have to describe which bags you have so they know which one you're missing -- possibly identify some unique parts in the bags you have (like lots of tan bricks or lots of red beams, etc).  Call LEGO at 800-422-5346, start the conversation with referring to the Field Setup Kit Number:  9664  Then tell them which bag you are missing. (Be persistent.  If they refer you to some other number ask for a supervisor.)
  7. EV3 Tip:  Check your Core set and make sure you received the printed instruction manual for building the robot used in the Robot Educator.  It was left out in at least one of our kits.  The instructions are included in the software under the Robot Educator but you should have received the printed ones as well.  Call LEGO Education Tech Support to get a replacement manual at 866-349-5346.
  8. Problem adding an Assistant Coach:  Have you tried to add an Assistant Coach in the FLL Registration System but they can't get the system to accept them?  Try entering the number of boys and girls on your team and then add the extra coach again.
  9. Missed my email from August 8?  You can access it online at That email explained some of what's to come in registering for qualifying competitions in Florida.
 Laura & Judy
August 24 - Coach Training - Rockledge
August 27 - Challenge released by FIRST
September 7 - Florida FLL Kickoff - Melbourne
October 1 - Registration for Qual Tournaments Opens
October 15 - Registration for 2nd Qual Tourn Opens
November 9 - December 7 - Early Qual Tournaments
December 14 - January 18 - Late Qual Tournaments
Feb 1 & 8 - Regional Tournaments
March 2 - Florida State Championship (Tentative)

For details on the above events, check our website at
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