Keyboard Builders’ Digest / Issue 41

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Hey <<First Name>>,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. How about some cool open-source projects? The Black Ice is an angled ortho by ashinything featuring 3D printed hot swap sockets.

  2. The Chordie is a hand-wired chording keyboard by kbjunky with optional trackball support.

  3. I like tapioki's designs as much as I hate his naming conventions – Architeuthis dux with a parametric case by Jonathan Dart.

  4. We have a Pico-based 3D-printed macropad by dr2mod with case STLs, a parametric tenting stand for Iris by NazFab/AlSpheric, and Khord designed a top shell for Pimoroni trackballs.

  5. Need help finding an IBM keyboard part number? SharktasticA’s tool takes care of that.

  6. What was the one thing you learned that would change the way you solder forever more? Some funny and/or useful tips.

  7. Eye candy: The retrofuturistic Luigi Colani office chair with an integrated split Selectric-style typewriter.

  8. Ear candy: Jazzkeys by Plan8 is a nice app playing piano sounds while you are typing.

  9. Keyboard spottings: ProgressivePear found a nice Viewdata terminal at work, and opalinemoth posted an IBM Model M5-2 with a cute little trackball.

  10. Correction: According to the official announcement, the Kailh v2 hot-swap sockets are rated for 6000 cycles.

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Luigi Colani chair (1970) with a monoblock split typewriter (source)

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