Keyboard Builders’ Digest / Issue 43

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Here are 12 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. I published a keyboard/part shop database listing 250 stores from all around the world (and growing). Discount codes coming in. Check it out.

  2. The Choctopus44 by Routa Keebs is practically a low-pro Reviung with thumb arcs.

  3. Another ergo monoblock angled keyboard with some unique features by u/cdc_mkb. Publishing it as open-source was inspired by KBD! :)

  4. Croaky4: u/Superkelp's first attempt at a PCB & case design – an open-source macropad.

  5. The Manibus is a split ergo aluminum keyboard by u/DrFish96 featuring magnetic wrist rests.

  6. MCC is a cylindrical keycap profile by u/MoErgo who also teases us with a mysterious new keyboard.

  7. W60 is an open-source, 3D-printed, handwired, hotswap keyboard by u/wlard.

  8. With minimal experience, eBay scrapwood, popsicle sticks and a hand saw u/bruh-iunno made his own wooden case.

  9. STLs of theGiddyNorse's tenting solution for his Lily58.

  10. Keyboard spotting: RedCowl80 got this nice Chicony Kb-5160 for free from a recycling center he frequents.

  11. Introducing the 1x2: bringing a 25 year old keyboard sin back from the grave and on to your desk! Committed by u/jonathansouter.

  12. Don’s The Board podcast turns 5 (!) and SharktasticA’s IBM knowledge base 2. Congratulations!

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Behind the Scenes

This week’s topics of my behind the scenes series on BMC (available for members and one-time supporters):

“Behind the Keyboard vendor database, new promo codes, moving my home office, MOMOKA Frogs save the day, pearls cast before swine (me).

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Weekly keyboard art

Fellow Redditor i_like_miniwheats drew a Gateron GeekMaker Keyfirst Cream (source)

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