Keyboard Builders’ Digest / Issue 45

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Here are the things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. The RART45 is a unibody angled split by Alabahuy with Atmel328p and exposed through-hole components.

  2. The 30% Midge is what was left after jamesmnw kept cutting things away.

  3. An OLKB terminal by jeffeb3 featuring a Void30. Both open-source.

  4. The Hermit is a split keyboard by @orihikarna with some really interesting details.

  5. Arpeggiating vs chording. The Peggi is an eight-key arpeggio keyboard by Ian Henry.

  6. A photolog of making a wooden wrist rest by lawndartdesign.

  7. Neat handwiring by n0t_dane using brass tubes instead of magnet wire.

  8. Fantastic-Onion4292 posted some photos of the USB-C Pro Micro compared to the classic one.

  9. A modified Gherkin by bgkendall featuring a hacked PCB and a rotary encoder.

  10. Years of pain solved by a really obvious keyboard tweak.

  11. Well, mrprofessor007 was supposed to buy a house, instead...

  12. I keep working on my Keyboard Vendor Database. It lists 300 shops now, as well as 16 discount codes.

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Behind the Scenes

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“Vendor database progress update, 5 new discount codes, Issue 44 follow-up.”

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The Alien by u/thepopesmac (the series)

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