Keyboard Builders’ Digest / Issue 40

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Hey <<First Name>>,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. The low profile version of sadekbaroudi's barobord was added to the repo.

  2. Micho converted a TA Royal Alpha 610 electric typewriter into a mechanical keyboard in his first hand-wired project.

  3. Open-source flex PCBs by janaka1 for Dactyl Manuform with adjustable row curvature.

  4. I waited 8 months with the teardown after posting the first photo of my Reuters trading keyboard from 1985.

  5. The 2nd generation hot-swap socket from Kailh comes in funky colors and is rated for 60 million swap cycles.

  6. A Hammond 12 typewriter and its bewildering "ideal" layout challenges my comprehension of ergonomics.

  7. I hate when a single photo gets posted without context, but this Centurion looks gorgeous. I’d like to know more about it but I can’t find any info. Can somebody help me?

  8. Even though this is a six years old artistic project, looking at the IBM Selectric teardown I'm glad we build mechanical keyboards and not typewriters.

  9. Cherry's genre-defining MX switches turned 38 yesterday.

  10. Finally, I introduce my first typewriter, a Groma Kolibri, in my behind the scenes write-up on BMC.

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Behind the Scenes

This week’s topics of my behind the scenes series on BMC (available for members and one-time supporters):

“Various pieces of original content, lots of progress in the background, Issue 39 follow-up, becoming familiar with my first mechanical typewriter, etc.”

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Weekly keyboard art

“I took apart a classic IBM Selectric typewriter to create a poster for publication on IBM’s master brand social platforms. This was not only published digitally, but also available as a print – David V. Hughes.”

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