Keyboard Builders’ Digest / Issue 44

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Here are the things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. The Gadgetina is a MIDI controller by mpark with the ingenious Wicki-Hayden layout.

  2. Fellow builder ScreamingAtTheRadio turned his Atari 130XE into a mechanical keyboard.

  3. A 3D printed keyboard by JaminMechKeys with metal rods, giant bolts and rice. RICE!

  4. Another 3D printed custom keyboard with wood filament and cast concrete - by fejy.

  5. The open-source TDPHSK by ianliu88 is a monoblock split, 3D printed and hotswappable.

  6. Thomas Combe writes about his Micro Keyboard V3, a keyboard for his 8-bit computer. Built without a microcontroller.

  7. Finishing steps of this gorgeous Dactyl Manuform Tight build explained by urban_nurd.

  8. Mikoto is an open-source Bluetooth LE nRF52840 microcontroller in a Pro Micro footprint. Designed by zhiayang.

  9. Ajazz x Huano Banana switches reviewed by ThereminGoat.

  10. Bull Questar 200 and 210 boards found in an abandoned place in France. Shared by druka-grey.

  11. Finally, I thought making a vendor top list based on visitor statistics would be fun. I was proved wrong. Anyway, 40+ new shops and 7 new discount codes listed in the vendor database.

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Behind the Scenes

This week’s topics of my behind the scenes series on BMC (available for members and one-time supporters):

“Vendor database progress update, 7 new discount codes, behind the controversial vendor top list. Issue 43 follow-up.”

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Weekly keyboard art

“Going through the old design process sketches of Werk One, we had the idea to re-imagine one of those as stylized watercolour illustration” - werk.technica (source)

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