Keyboard Builders’ Digest / Issue 46

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Thanks to the prolific contributors, this was an exceptional week. Don’t get too used to it. ;) Here are the things I thought were worth sharing:

  1. I missed two projects earlier: The 3w6 is a low-profile split keyboard with 36 keys, and Sweep is a family of Ferris-derivatives featuring daughter-boards instead of onboard controllers.

  2. The pinci is an ultra low profile 34-key build by sproutless with RP2040 and Rust firmware.

  3. The Lunakey project includes two open-source split keyboards and a macropad published by Yoichiro Tanaka.

  4. The Twelvekey by _vastrox_ is a nice open-source macropad with PCB and case files.

  5. A row less traveled with Anodynousaur's futuristic GiGi derivative.

  6. An open-source Atreus choc board by LevitatingPineapple built with a Nice!Nano.

  7. Review: New Gateron CJ linear switches, featuring the first POM based bottom housings ever released from Gateron. Reviewed by ThereminGoat.

  8. Tips: Coded, built and tested by cdc_mkb on a Zephirum, Pimoroni PIM447 trackball is now supported in ZMK firmware.

  9. Sample caps from the GMK Colour Ring shot by Don/flehrad with various backgrounds and different light temperatures to help color matching.

  10. Spottings: The Matra Alice 90 is a French 8-bit computer first marketed in 1983. The manual cover art by comic book legend Moebius drew my attention to the 1984 cliff when women stopped pursuing Computer Science majors at American universities.

  11. A mouthwatering HP 264X keyboard from 1974 reviewed by Chyrosran22.

  12. This Brüel & Kjær NP 0028 aka Preh Commander AK 67 was found by cdc_mkb in the attic of his employer.

  13. A real beast manufactured by Tipro for Skidata. Posted by The_KogoroMouri.

  14. Gboard Yunomi: An open-source mechanical keyboard cup by Google. A meme board with quite a background story.

  15. I keep updating the keyboard vendor database. 12 new shops and a new discount code this time.

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Behind the Scenes

This week’s topics of my behind the scenes series on BMC (available for members and one-time supporters):

From Alice 90 to the 1984 cliff of women in computer science. Time Masters, a masterpiece from the '80s. Videoton terminal dilemma. Vendor database progress update, new discount code, Issue 45 follow-up.”

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Weekly keyboard art

I like this elaborate terminal keyboard. Peter Elson’s artwork from 1979 was used as the cover for at least four sci-fi novels (original scan, source)

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