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Hello and Happy Summer!
I promised not to flood your inboxes with newsletters…and apparently I kept that promise. Looks like I haven’t sent a newsletter since December 2014. Hope you’ve had a great first half of 2015 and you’re ready to read some good news, including updates about opportunities for freebies.
Have you listened to the podcast my hubby, Steve, and I host? Although we’re far from professional broadcasters, we have a lot of fun reading poems, quotes, jokes, essays and stories of all kinds on “Let Me Tell You a Story.” And our listeners seem to enjoy the variety we offer. Stats show more and more downloads every day. Check us out!
Fans of the “Winds” books will be happy to know I’ve completed a rough draft of “Winds of Change,” the third novel in the Kate Neilson series. “Change” may prove to be even more suspense-filled than the previous two. Here’s a sample from early in the story…today’s version, that is. Every word is subject to change at this stage of the game.
Clint lifted a coiled rope off the dummy calf he’d made for the rodeo event by tacking a sun-bleached steer skull to one end of a wooden sawhorse. A frayed piece of twine served as a tail on the other end. He lifted the rope in the air, and the crowd quieted.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced, “I’m proud to present our one and only contestant in the calf-roping event this afternoon, Billy the Kid.”
The onlookers applauded, but five-year-old Tiemo pushed his hat brim up and stared at Clint. “N-n-not my n-name, M-mister Clint.”
“Oh, I see.” Clint turned to those outside the rails. “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Wrong cowboy.” He slipped the coil onto his shoulder, spread both arms wide and shouted, “The Whispering Pines rodeo welcomes Wild Bill Hickok to our arena today.”
Again, hoots and hollers.
This time, Tiemo placed his hands on his hips and jutted his jaw. “N-no. N-not that g-guy.”

“Oops…” Clint shrugged and held out his palms. “Give me one more try, okay?”
Squinting against the sunshine, the little boy studied the stocky cowboy. Finally, he offered a solemn nod.
Clint took a long breath, surveyed the audience from one side of the horse pen to the other, and called out, “What a privilege to have such a famous cowboy take time from a busy touring schedule to make a guest appearance at our Wyoming competition. Everyone, please welcome Calamity Jane with a hearty round of applause.”
The crowd burst into laughter.
Tiemo’s eyebrows puckered. He glanced from Clint to their audience and back to Clint.
Before he could say anything, Amy Iverson, Clint’s girlfriend and Kate's best friend from prison days, yelled from the far side of the corral, “Hey, Clint, I didn’t grow up in the West, but even I know Calamity Jane was a girl.”
Again, laughter.
Laura murmured, “I’m not sure how much more Tiemo can take.”
Kate nodded. She had the same concern. Like the others who resided at Freedom House, the home she and Laura had created for children Kate helped rescue from a Texas brothel, Tiemo was sometimes overwhelmed by Clint’s teasing.
So, there you have it, a hint at the happenings in “Winds of Change.” I know…the above isn’t terribly suspenseful. Just hold your hats—there’s more to come. :-)
And now to the freebies. We have something for everyone in this giveaway mix.
  • Wonderful Wyoming photo contest! Send your Wyoming travel photos taken this summer, or any summer, to I’ll post my top three favorites (and maybe more!) on my website ( and give those photographers one of my books, their choice. Contest runs from July 1st through August 31st.
  • “Passageways” Goodreads Giveaway. The contest for the short story compilation written by Lisa Hess, Val Gray, Peter Leavell and yours truly runs from July 5th through July 31st. To enter, click the button at the bottom of the page. We’ll also lower the Amazon ebook price to $.99 during that same time period.
  • “Winds of Freedom” audiobook. Listen while you travel, or plug in by the pool. The first three people who’ve never before won one of my contests and who contact me at will receive a link to download the “Winds of Freedom audiobook, which was beautifully read by our beautiful daughter-in-law, Jessica Lyles, and expertly engineered by our handsome son, Toby Lyles. (FYI, their children are adorable, too!)
  • “Winds of Freedom” print books. I have quite a few on hand at the moment and would be pleased to send free copies to the first three individuals who, once again, haven’t won any of my books before and who write me at If you’re interested in a discount price (even cheaper than Amazon!) – $10/no shipping charges – email me at the above address.
That’s the news for now, friends. Have a fabulous summer! Becky
Goodreads Giveaway
Showing off Our Daisies

Showing off Our Grandson in His Great-Grandpa's Cowboy Hat

These barns are located in the Sierra Madre Mountains near the fictional location of the Whispering Pines Guest Ranch featured in the "Winds" series.

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