Backdrop CMS: release date Jan 15, 2015
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Coming January 15, 2015

The Backdrop CMS community is proud to announce the date for our first release. This first version of Backdrop includes powerful new features like configuration management tools, built-in Views module, and an all-new responsive layout system, as well as many other improvements.

Preview available now

If you haven't looked at Backdrop yet, it's a great time to dive in. Though we're close to release, we're still testing to get any remaining issues worked out. You can help just by trying out Backdrop and letting us know about your experience.

Backdrop CMS has an easy upgrade path from Drupal 7. Now that the APIs are locked down, it's also a great time to start making your modules Backdrop-compatible too.


Thanks to your generosity in the past, Backdrop has been self-sustaining over these past 16 months.  We're currently funding design resources to create a new look for and seeking additional funds to cover our infrastructure costs for the coming year. If you're excited about the release of Backdrop, please consider donating to the cause.



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