Plus, why Portland Reddit is feeling saucy about this weekend’s rain.

🐈 A purrfect reopening for Portland’s only cat cafe

Plus, why Portland Reddit is feeling saucy about this weekend’s rain.

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Tuesday. 

Everyone have a good weekend? Get up to anything fun? For me, I hung out with my buddy Brooklyn, and we popped into Collage over on Division to get some crafts. Because if this pandemic’s taught me anything, it’s that it's always a good idea to keep your hands busy. 

She’s getting into embroidery so she snagged some fun patterns to work off of, and I got a coloring book and some really pretty pastel colored pencils (you’re never too old to enjoy coloring, and you can’t tell me otherwise). 

Anyway, drop me a line if you wanna chat about what all you got up to, but for now, we gotta dive into the news of the week.

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Without further ado, let’s go to press. 

📰 What Portland’s talking about

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3 things to know today

​​➡️ The family of a man shot at a pro-Trump rally last year is suing the city of Portland. The $13 million suit, filed Friday by the family of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, alleges that the city, Mayor Ted Wheeler, and the county district attorney could have done more to prevent his death on Aug. 29, 2020. Danielson was shot by a self-described anti-fascist, Michael Reinoehl, who was shot and killed six days later in Vancouver by law enforcement. This comes in the wake of Wheeler first praised and then criticized police for their hands off approach to a violent series of skirmishes last month between far left and right protesters. (OregonLive / Portland Mercury)

📈 Local restaurants are seeing a spike in applications since federal unemployment benefits ended last week. The owners at Chef’s Table said they’ve noticed a 50% uptick in the number of job applications, after months of labor shortages. Owner Nate Tilden is nervous that folks coming back to work might not be enthusiastic to return. However, co-owner Kurt Huffman has a sunnier outlook on returning employees. (KATU)

Quotable: “I think look, if you took 18 months off and you survived and you figured it out, then my hope is that your batteries are totally recharged, you’re ready to go. If you’re reapplying again my assumption is that you’re ready to get back into it." — Kurt Huffman

👠 Local dancers are suing Oregon strip clubs for alleged federal wage violations. The suit claims that the dancers in question were listed as independent contractors and were forced to pay fees to the house to perform, while the clubs still required to set hours and working conditions as though they were employees. The Portland clubs listed in the suit are Sassy’s, Club Sinrock, Cabaret II, in addition to clubs in Salem and Eugene. One of the Portland dancers involved in the suit, Cat Hollis, created the Haymarket Pole Collective advocacy group during the pandemic, which advocates for fair and equal treatment for Black and Indigenous workers in the adult entertainment industry. (OregonLive / Portland Mercury)

3 things to make you smile

😊 If Downtown is looking a little cleaner, you can send your thank yous to SOLVE. Kicking things off almost a year ago, local businesses and SOLVE worked together to hold monthly clean ups across the city, collecting upwards of 50,000 pounds of trash with a team of 5,000. If you’re wanting to join, the next clean up is scheduled for this Wednesday to commemorate the one-year anniversary. (KOIN / SOLVE)

🐈 Portland’s only cat cafe had a purrfect reopening and found all their cats fur-ever homes. Purrington’s had been closed since spring of 2020 and reopened with COVID-19 safety protocols in place as well as a new menu. Inside, you can hang out with anywhere from 10 to 12 cats and see if one of them may come home as your new best friend. (Willamette Week / Purrington’s)

🌧️ We might be in for rain this weekend, and it’s got Portland Reddit feeling a type of way. We could best describe it as “punny and enthusiastic” from the 60+ comments on a weather post by u/StarshipSentinel. Sentiments ranged from “I just want my garden watered, man” to “Bring it the EFF on.” The whole thread is worth a readthrough (and a lot of chuckles). (Portland subreddit / National Weather Service)

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