Plus: A look at the recent Cal Anderson Park sweep.
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🐶 Seattle’s gone to the dogs

Plus: A look at the recent Cal Anderson Park sweep.

Hey! It’s Wednesday.

We are almost there, folks. Almost to the holidays and almost to a brand new year. 

Did you all enjoy the bit of snow Monday night? Are you hoping for more? I feel like people have fairly strong opinions on wanting snow or not. Regardless, I think the best part is that when it does snow, there’s a collective sense of giddiness. Unfortunately — or fortunately — it doesn’t look like we’ll get a white Christmas this year. 

Keep reading for a look back on the Cal Anderson sweep, the most popular dog breed in the city, and for Evergrey Extra members — the I Spy answer.

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What Seattle is talking about

Last week the city and SPD swept the homeless encampment at Cal Anderson Park despite the fact that it was just a week before Christmas and the CDC has recommended stopping any sweeps.

KUOW’s article breaks down the timeline of the sweep which was originally scheduled for last Wednesday morning but was delayed until Friday after protestors came out in force and an emergency restraining order was filed. The encampment sprung up over the summer amidst CHOP and has been swept before in attempts by the city to reopen the park. The city has argued that the encampment is a health and safety risk.

What’s next for the park is unclear, but the recent snowfall has raised even more concern for the houseless population in the area. Keep tabs on the city’s efforts to renovate the park by visiting their website

Take action: Support our houseless neighbors by donating to organizations like Mary’s Place, Capitol Hill Housing, Compass Housing Alliance, DESC. Or if you’re interested in supporting mutual aid projects, consider donating to Riot Kitchen, Morning March Seattle, Emerald City Drives, Grandma’s House.

In other news...

Black clergy call for unity. This year’s BLM movement split religious leaders in the city, some standing by former Chief of Police Carmen Best while others called for her resignation. While all agree there is a need to hold police accountable and invest in Black communities, leaders disagree over how to do it. (Crosscut)

There’s a new Netflix show with a Seattle connection. “Bridgerton” is an adaptation of Seattle author Julia Quinn’s romance series of the same name. Despite the fact that Quinn has written 18 consecutive New York Times bestsellers, she’s still relatively unknown in the city’s literary world. The Shonda Rimes-produced show takes place during the early 19th Century and challenges the notion that romance shouldn’t be taken seriously. Watch “Bridgerton” starting Dec. 25. (Seattle Met)

Seattle’s gone to the dogs. Redfin and Rover rated our city as the most dog-friendly in the U.S. — which shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, we have more dogs than babies. Thanks to some digging by the Seattle PI, they found the city’s most popular dog breeds. Coming in at number one are Labrador Retrievers followed by their cousins, Golden Retrievers. (Seattle PI)

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😂 Enjoy some improv courtesy of Unexpected Productions' virtual show of their annual "A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol." (Online)


🎶 Sing along to the Moondoggies' annual Christmas show (Online)


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⚾️ Give blood and get a Kyle Seager bobblehead when you sign up at the T-Mobile park pop-up donor center (Bloodworks NW)

One more thing …

Here’s a fun year in review of bread baking. If you’re like me, then you hopped aboard the sourdough train back in March and have not gotten off. The hobby got so intense that at one point, I literally woke up at midnight to throw my bread in the oven because I theorized that I was over fermenting my loaves. If you made some bread you’re proud of — or for that matter any baked good — shoot us a pic. We wanna see your creations! Here’s a pic of my latest loaf: 

Take it easy, and we’ll be back tomorrow. ✌️

— The Evergrey

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