Plus, some truly delicious news.

💉 What happens to leftover vaccines?

Plus, some truly delicious news.

It’s Thursday. 

Thank you to Monica D. and Suzanne V. for sharing more Asian American Pacific Islander-owned businesses to support here in Portland!

Monica wants you to know about the Behind the Museum Cafe, and the wonderfulness it brings to the table. 

This cafe specializes in traditional Japanese tea and food, as well as antiques, arts and crafts. Owner Tomoe Horibuchi strives to bring true hospitality through the cafe’s menu, interior design, and customer service. You can find the Behind the Museum Cafe behind the Portland Art Museum (naturally), right downtown. 

Suzanne wants to share a favorite Filipino bakery with you: the St. Barbara Pinoy Bakery

“I grew up in the Philippines,” Suzanne told us. “The baked items are so fresh and delicious. I highly recommend the pandesal, ensaymada, and halo halo for anyone who wants to taste the traditional delights enjoyed daily in the Philippine Islands.”

Make time in your day to stop by these awesome eateries, support them, and show them love. Please keep sending in your suggestions for AAPI-owned businesses here in PDX to support, and we will highlight them in upcoming newsletters.

For today’s news: How the job market will look post-pandemic, what happens to leftover vaccines, a happy birthday to an Oregon Zoo penguin, a square off between the city and the feds, and a very tasty news blurb. 

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Let’s go to press.

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3 things to know today 

💼 What will the job market look like post pandemic? Willamette Week interviewed two Oregon economists to answer just that. Both Tim Duy and Josh Lehner were optimistic as more people get vaccinated and things start to return to a semblance of normalcy. Lehner recommends keeping an eye on sectors that don’t require a lot of in-person interaction in the near future. Duy said industries that were negatively impacted by the pandemic and led to career loss may see an influx as things become safer. Regardless, this event will impact the way we handle work moving forward.

💉 What happens to leftover vaccines? Pharmacists say they need to go into someone’s arm so they don’t go to waste, according to a report from KGW. This means that some pharmacies have a waiting list with specific requirements they will call if they have extra doses. But this can vary from case to case, and questions have been raised about the ethics of who gets these extra doses. Remember, to sign up for alerts and to learn your eligibility for vaccination, check out For the latest vaccination numbers in Oregon, go here.   

🚨 Feds want Portland police to make a plan for how to track use of force — but the city is saying ‘no.’ The city claims “such a correction plan isn’t required under its 2014 court-approved settlement agreement on police reforms with the Justice Department,” according to OregonLive. This could prompt the Justice Department to issue a formal notice of non-compliance to the city — which means both parties could wind up in front of a federal judge. During last year’s protests, from May 29 to Nov. 15, the Justice Dept. found that police had over 6,000 use of force actions on protesters

3 things to make you smile

🌦️ This gif about Oregon sunshine hits us in a certain type of way. You can find the post from Reddit here, and be prepared to feel very seen. 

🐧 Happy birthday to CT the penguin at the Oregon Zoo! CT the Humboldt Penguin celebrated a first birthday yesterday, and you can see a hatching video here

😋 This news blurb will make your mouth water. Because you should really check out Portland Mercury’s feature on MF Tasty and why you need to order some of their Chorizo Mac. And when you’re done reading that, take a peep at this recipe for salmon-sesame dumplings from Portland author Liz Crain from her new book “Dumplings = Love?” And if that doesn’t satisfy your soul, read this love letter from Portland Monthly to tater tots as a true Oregon treat, and where to get some here in Stumptown. 

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