Plus: A list of the city’s ‘cultural innovators.’
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🏡 And the Seattle-area's most expensive home is ...

Plus: A list of the city’s ‘cultural innovators.’

Welcome to Tuesday.

I am happy to announce that I watched “Die Hard” over the weekend and I have MANY thoughts. Honestly, too many to put here. But I will say that when anyone asks me how I’m doing or what my weekend plans are, I will now be answering with “I got a 6-month backlog of NY scumbags I’m still trying to put behind bars.” If anyone would like to further hear my thoughts on the movie — my inbox is always open.

Before we get to the news, a quick look ahead to the new year. The bar is very low for 2021 to go down as a “good year,” and with the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, it seems like things are looking up. We want to know what’s on your “2021 To-do List”? What things do you want to do or see in the new year? Let us know by replying to this email, and we might just share your response here.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled programming...

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What Seattle is talking about

Seattle bridges aren’t getting the TLC they were promised. The city promised they’d reinforce 16 bridges to improve their ability to withstand earthquakes, but after calculating costs, they’ll only work on 11. The Ballard and Fremont bridges were two of the five left off the list. Estimates for retrofitting all 16 bridges rose from $67 million to $731 million. (The Seattle Times

Highlighting the city’s ‘cultural innovators’ of 2020. Despite being hit hard by the pandemic, these artists have persevered and innovated new ways for art to be made and consumed during these times. From drive-in dance shows to theater companies pivoting to audio, here’s a roundup of some of the ways this difficult year spawned creativity at its best. (Crosscut)

Guess how much the most expensive home sale in the Seattle-area was. If you guessed $17 million then you are correct. As one might expect, this home and several other homes that made the list were on the Eastside, outside of the actual city, and loaded with amenities and waterfront views. If you’re the buyer of one of these places, please invite us over after COVID-19. I promise we’re fun. We can even watch “Die Hard.” (Seattle PI)

You may be able to grow weed at home ... if this bill passes. The bipartisan bill will be voted on next month by a committee and would allow adults 21 and older to grow up to six cannabis plants and keep any marijuana produced by them. Don’t hold your breath though. Similar bills have been introduced since at least 2015 and none have made it to a full floor vote. (Marijuana Movement)

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Things to do

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🎄 Catch the last night of "The 1st Annual Plumpkin Family COVID Christmas Special." Just be warned that there is adult humor and language in this online play. (Online)


😂 Enjoy some improv courtesy of Unexpected Productions' virtual show of their annual "A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol." (Online)


🎶 Sing along to the Moondoggies' annual Christmas show (online)


🤘 Have a very merry "punk" X-mas this year with KEXP's Sonic Reducer Christmas Day broadcast. (Online)


⚾️ Give blood and get a Kyle Seager bobblehead when you sign up at the T-Mobile park pop-up donor center (Bloodworks NW)

One more thing …

Some good news for you. The Life Enrichment Bookstore (L.E.M.S) officially reopened its doors. The bookstore is one of only two Black-owned bookstores in the state and has been a cultural hub for the Columbia City neighborhood. The founder, Vickie Williams, passed away in March 2017, forcing the store to close but after fundraising and efforts by Williams’ family, they are now back open. 

We’re almost to Christmas — hang in there and we’ll see ya tomorrow.

— The Evergrey

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