Plus, a game of I Spy (for our members).

🗳️ Why Portland’s thinking about boycotting Texas

Plus, a game of I Spy (for our members).

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Wednesday.

And after the long weekend, we thought it'd be important to give you the news of the day (don't worry, we'll return to our regularly scheduled Weird Wednesdays next week).

So with that being said, today we’re talking about the city council’s upcoming vote on whether or not to boycott Texas, what’s happening with the Portland Marathon, where to get the latest and greatest Filipino food here in Portland, and what Portland Reddit will do if you even THINK about fat-shaming this cat. 

Got your hot beverage of choice? Good, let’s dive in. 

📰 What Portland’s talking about

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📈 Upwards of 80% of fatalities related to COVID-19 in August were from unvaccinated Oregonians, according to the Oregon Health Authority. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state has identified 13,166 breakthrough cases — when a person who tests positive 14 days or later after receiving the full course of vaccinations. That’s slightly more than one half of 1% who have been infected with the disease after being fully vaccinated. The health authority report says 650 people with breakthrough cases have been hospitalized - 0.027% of vaccinated Oregonians. And the 113 Oregonians who died after a breakthrough case amount to 0.0047% of those vaccinated. (OregonLive / OHA / KATU)

Quotable: “Both hospitalizations and deaths are extremely small in terms of percentage of those vaccinated. That’s why we call the current surge a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” -Chunhuei Chi, director of the Center for Global Health at Oregon State University

🗳️ Portland’s city council votes today whether or not to boycott Texas in protest of their recent restrictive abortion legislation. If the resolution passes, it would effectively ban buying goods and services from Texas, as well as stop city employee travel there until the state withdraws its legislation or it’s overturned in court. This comes shortly after the Supreme Court declined to block the law last week, which restricts abortion services when a fetal heartbeat is detected, typically at six weeks. Texas officials responded to the city’s proposal with vitriol and jibes. This wouldn’t be the first time Portland has boycotted a state — former Mayor Charlie Hales banned employee travel to Indiana when the state introduced a law that wouldn’t provide protections against discrimination for LGBTIQIA+ people. (OregonLive / AP News / KGW)

💵 OHSU won’t be sponsoring this year’s 2021 Portland Marathon. The school released a statement addressing the crushing number of COVID-19 cases that are stretching state hospitals to capacity. Marathon organizers responded with understanding in an interview with KOIN: “We understand and appreciate their decision to postpone their sponsorship of the race so that they can focus on the monumental task at hand.” The marathon is still taking place October 3, and organizers plan to strictly adhere to all current health protocols enacted by local authorities. Additionally, all runners in this year’s race will be required to provide proof of vaccination or negative test results prior to participating. (KOIN / KGW / OHSU)

😋 Portland’s newest food cart, Baon Kainan, has you covered for Filipino comfort food. Owners Ethan and Geri Leung pay homage to the dishes they grew up with as Filipino Americans, whipping up deliciousness like Tocino Kawali (garlic rice served with a soft-boiled egg and crackly pork belly) and melt-in-your-mouth kare-kare covering crispy steak fries. (OregonLive’s YouTube / Baon Kainan)

🐱 This is Portland Reddit’s stance on kitty cat fat-shaming: Stop it right meow. Ranger is up for adoption at the Oregon Humane Society (and in our opinion, he’s a very handsome and austere gentleman), and this adorable tabby clocks in at 16 lbs of snuggles. The Portland subreddit became VERY protective of Ranger, with one user issuing a truly iconic threat to would-be bullies, “I want everyone reading this to be clear: If you bully Ranger, I will leave a passive-aggressive note on your windshield.” (Oregon Humane Society / Portland subreddit)

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🙋 One more thing …

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. 

And thank you to everyone who sent in happy birthday wishes (and advice!) into my inbox — I’m sending big virtual hugs in your direction. 

For anyone curious what all I got up to, I spent my weekend hitting up Kachka for some truly delicious Slavic food (I will talk your ear off about the AMAZING pelmeni and shashlik I got), getting one of the best breakfast biscuit sandwiches ever at Milwaukie Bottle Shop & Cafe, devouring the most perfect omurice from Toki’s, and generally hanging out with my buddies Jake, Robin, and Brooklyn (we’re all vaxxed up and behaved sensibly) around town. 

Add a stop at Cartlandia for some excellent tacos al pastor, a stroll along the riverfront and over the Morrison Bridge, some time spent binge watching "Downton Abbey" for the first time, and I’d say 29 is off to a good (and delicious) start. 

This leads me to a thought — what are your thoughts on us putting together collaborative but personalized birthday guides for you all? I’m still noodling on the details, but I’d love to know how you all feel about it so hit reply to this email. 

That’s a wrap on Wednesday, catch you here tomorrow. 

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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