Plus: When your old friend might be the leader of QAnon…
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🗣 TONIGHT: Hear from Seattle’s community leaders

Join The Evergrey and Civic Commons to see how local orgs have stepped up to address the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and how you can help.

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📍Lower Queen Anne no longer exists

Plus: When your old friend might be the leader of QAnon…

Hey, it’s Hump Day.

One of the best parts of good weather in Seattle — besides, of course not, having to wear a raincoat — is the collective sense of joy felt throughout the city. Kind of like a snow day, but in many ways better, because you don’t feel miserably wet and cold after enjoying the weather. 

There are lots of good photos of people enjoying the sun but this one on Reddit is my favorite. Tag us on Instagram so we can see your sunny Seattle pictures. 

I’ll try and make tomorrow’s intro not about the weather — but I can’t guarantee it. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t, register for our event with Civic Commons tonight at 6 p.m. We’ll be joined by folks from the Urban Indian Health Institute, Chinese Information and Service Center, and the Urban League of Seattle. 

Keep reading for: a Seattle neighborhood name change and a peek behind a huge story from Crosscut, plus, Evergrey Extra members get another go at this week’s I Spy game. 

What Seattle is talking about

Taking a break from all the cherry blossoms to bring you daffodil pics. 🌼 | Tag @the_evergrey or use #theevergrey to be featured in our Instagram of the Day. (📸: @alexcpena

The city council wants you to stop calling it ‘Lower Queen Anne.’ In a unanimous vote, the council passed a resolution that requires city departments and outside entities to call the area its official name — Uptown. This also means you will not be seeing “Lower Queen Anne” on Google Maps or Apple Maps anymore so you know it's actually official.  (KING 5)

A peek behind the curtain of an investigation into WA state police officers. Shortly after Crosscut reporter Melissa Santos returned from maternity leave, she filed a bunch of public record requests to compile all of the state’s police officers on Brady lists — lists that prosecutors use to track officers whose past actions could cast doubt on their testimony in court. Nine months later, Santos published her findings which revealed 183 police officers with credibility issues were still working in the state. Read the whole piece here. (Crosscut)

What happens when your old friend might be the leader of QAnon? Well, that’s what Seattleite Shawn Lawrence is wondering. A six-part HBO series about the conspiracy and right-wing group suggests that Lawrence’s high school best friend, Ron Watkins, might be the leader of QAnon. Lawrence remembers Watkins as a “goofy kid” who he did jazz choir with —  not a budding conspiracy theorist. He’s since disowned him as an old friend. (The Seattle Times)

Protests demanding justice for Daunte Wright took place downtown. The march started at Occidental Park on Monday night. Here’s a roundup from The Stranger of what went down through several Twitter threads.  

About that computer-made Nirvana song...KUOW spoke with Ace Piva, the person behind the project. One of the goals of the “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club” is to highlight mental health and substance use issues in the music industry. (KUOW)

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🗣 TONIGHT: Hear from Seattle’s community leaders

COVID-19 has magnified disparities in healthcare, especially in Seattle’s communities of color. 

Join The Evergrey and Civic Commons tonight to see how different community organizations have stepped up to address the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and how you can help. 

We’ll be joined by: 

• Michelle Merriweather, President and CEO at Urban League 

• Michael Itti, Executive Director at CISC 

• Abigail Echo-Hawk, MA, Executive Vice President at Seattle Indian Health Board and Director of Urban Indian Health Institute

Hosted by Grace Madigan, Evergrey Director, and Frank Nam, project director at Civic Commons.

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🗣️ Join The Evergrey and Civic Commons to see how different community organizations have stepped up to address the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and how you can help (Online)


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Wednesday, April 21

🌲 Support Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks by participating in the 2021 Auction for the Parks (Online)

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One more thing …

Since it’s Wednesday, here is my list of things I’ve been consuming as of late. Got your own recipes you want to share or a new song you can’t get out of your head, let me know!

🍴 Cooking: Sheet-pan scallion chicken with bok choy

 📺 Watching: Instant Hotel (I’ve only watched one episode, but I really like the Australian accents the absurd concept of the show.)

 🎧 Song on repeat: Jazzboy — “Harlem.”

Catch you right back here tomorrow. 

— Grace at The Evergrey

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